Ask Away...: 5 Ways to Fight Off the Post Holiday Blues

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

5 Ways to Fight Off the Post Holiday Blues

It's inevitable and it happens every and friends come over and eat food, open gifts, and share a lot of laughs and make new memories.  And then, just like that  - it's gone.  Everyone has to go back to work and get back into their normal groove.  That's not always the easiest thing to do so if you are feeling blue right now - here are 5 things to do this week, weekend, or today to help you feel better. 

1. Shop
You likely got gift cards for Christmas right? Or cash? If so, take a look at your closet and make note of anything you noticed you may need.  I need a black cardigan, new bras, and a taupe colored pair of boots.  So what better time to go take advantage of a little retail therapy with your gift cards and go get some of the stuff you have been lusting after.  If you got gift cards for services like a massage, pedicure, etc. go ahead and embrace them!

2. Redecorate
If you are like me, you have had your Christmas decorations up since the day after Thanksgiving so it's time to say goodbye to them.  Take everything down, and carefully purge things you don't want for next year as you go.  Make sure you take your time putting things away so everything is organized next year.  Then the fun stuff starts.... redecorate your home! Try new set ups for table tops and shelves.  

3. Be More Active
I know, it's cliche to start trying to get fit and healthy for the New Year but who cares?  Start taking a walk everyday or doing a fitness DVD 4 times a week.  January is a great time to establish new habits and a new weekly routine. 

4. Make Plans
The winter months can be depressing so make plans with a few of your friends.  Schedule a night for everyone to come over for a game of Cards Against Humanity or schedule a paint class at one of those wine and paint places.   It gives you something to look forward to after the build up and countdown to Christmas and New Years. 

5. Relax
Sometimes it's nice to have nothing to work up to.   So instead of being bummed, think of how great it is that you can go back to your regular routine, and relax more, and not have to worry about your favorite TV series being interrupted for the holidays!  

What do you do to combat the post holiday blues? 

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  1. I needed to read this today! I've been feeling the post holiday blues after seeing all of the Christmas trees on the curb.

  2. I don't get the post- holiday blues, thankfully! I do get sad when I have to take down the tree - I love the soft glow it gives to the living room. But I am more than ready to take down the rest of the decorations by the time January rolls around. And once we hit February I'll be thinking of spring....and gardening season!!

    1. Yea I am so ready for spring and flowers and fresh produce!


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