Ask Away...: Spring Break Prep for My Body & Soul

Monday, February 29, 2016

Spring Break Prep for My Body & Soul

I am so ready for Spring break this year!  I used to have zero body confidence until the new year hit.  Then I decided to start making better nutrition choices and making it a priority to exercise.  Here is my basic Spring Break prep!

[1] Exercise More
In order to exercise on a more regular basis, I had to create a routine that worked with my schedule.  Working out everyday is just not possible with multiple jobs and all the responsibilities at home so I choose to do it every other day.  I set up a schedule that allows for rest days and the days that I do exercise, I alternate between upper body, lower body, and core.  I used to use being sore as an excuse to not work out but now that I alternate what parts of my body I work out, I get to rest the sore ones for an entire week. 

[2] Eat Better Foods
I began meal planning so that I could follow more wholesome recipes that use meats and veggies rather than frozen dinners.  I now spend my free time cooking in the kitchen and I really enjoy it.  I've gotten to know the names of certain unique ingredients and I love trying new things. 

[3] Drink More Water
Water is the key to life.  It keeps you hydrated and happy.  Whether it's a work out day or a lounge in my pajamas type day, I make sure to drink at least 5 glasses of water a day!

[4] Choose Healthy Snacks
I used to scarf down cookies and chips but that wasn't helping me feel any better about myself.  Having better eating habits doesn't mean I have to deprive myself of delicious snacks.  I've decided to embrace the Yoplait® "1-Up Your Cup" concept and I'm adding a cup of Yoplait® to my smoothies every night.

  So here's how I make my nightly smoothie...

My smoothies contain a handful of frozen mango, raspberry, and blueberry.  I like frozen fruits because I don't have to rush to use them before they start to spoil. 

Next I add a whole banana.

To add something really delicious I use chocolate chips! 

And finally I top it off with some yogurt. 

This isn't just any yogurt - it's Yoplait® Original and I get the large tub from Walmart so I can use it all week long. I love the consistency and how it really adds substance to my smoothies.  There are so many Yoplait® yogurts to chooose from.

So what's your favorite way to 1-Up Your Cup?

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of General Mills. The opinions and text are all mine.

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