Ask Away...: Have No Fear, Sock-Free Saviors Are Here!

Monday, March 21, 2016

Have No Fear, Sock-Free Saviors Are Here!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Foot Petals for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
I absolutely love Spring for the sole fact that the footwear options are more comfortable and they let your feet feel more free.   If you're like me and you're on your feet a lot on a day to day basis, then you know how important it is to wear shoes that you not only love but you have to feel comfortable in them.  I've always struggled with Spring footwear however, because I get really uncomfortable when I don't wear socks with my shoes and then I end up with smelly feet and wet slippery toes.  National Walk to Work Day is April 1st, 2016 and I really plan to do a lot of walking on all my breaks throughout the day as well as taking a walk around the city at lunch.  I highly recommend that you all try to get on your feet as much as you can on April 1st, and before you freak out about having to feel uncomfortable that day, let me resassure you that Foot Petals Sock-free Saviors are here!
 photo IMG_6101_zpslqfyrbuh.jpg
That's right Foot Petals Sock-Free Saviors includes 1 pair of insoles that are made of odor-fighting materials.  They are ventilated to keep feet cool and dry and are great for sneakers, flats, boots, and any other closed-toe shoe.  They feature PORON® cushioning to absorb shock so you get all day comfort.  You can trim them to fit any shoe size with the guide on the back of the product and you can wash them on gentle cycle in cold water with no bleach.  Then you just lay them flat to dry.  This is so ideal for me because I love wearing flats in the Spring but I don't like having to go without socks and having embarassing stinky shoes and feet the rest of the day.

Check out the video above for a brief overview.
I love how easy it is to cut my Foot Petals Sock-Free Saviors to size for my flats.  They are really comfortable, too!
 photo IMG_6103_zps8ml3rloi.jpg
You just place your foot on the insert to see what size you are then you trim it along the lines for that size.
 photo IMG_6102_zpsbnpa5zpo.jpg
Then you place  it inside your shoe!
 photo IMG_6104_zpsyiaeglp3.jpg
Here I am in my shoes with my Foot Petals Sock-Free Saviors inside!
 photo IMG_2668_zpsvns2rvsx.jpg
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