Ask Away...: Urgent Care And Emergency Care Differences

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Urgent Care And Emergency Care Differences

Urgent Care And Emergency Care Differences
Most people think of emergency care and urgent care as the same thing even though there are a few very distinct differences between these two types of medical care. Emergency rooms are often flooded with patients who can't get in to see a family doctor because wait times have so drastically increased over the years. In an effort to make up office costs, family physicians are now often forced to book more patients during the day. This makes for what amounts to months of wait time for some patients that need immediate relief for medical problems. In the past decade, emergency rooms realized that this influx of patients with non-emergency ailments needed a middle of the road solution for their problems. Urgent care facilities stepped in to fill this need.

Emergency versus urgent care

Emergencies are life-threatening medical situations that need immediate intervention. We think of them as they are. They're car accident victims, gunshot or violent wounds, and heart attacks. Without split second care, these situations might result in death for a patient. Then there are those non-threatening urgent care needs, such as a bad bout of the flu or pneumonia, that also require immediate but not emergency care. Some of these ailments might result in death if they are left unattended for long periods of time. Likewise, even ailments that don't result in death can be urgent in nature because they will result in needless suffering for a patient unless there is medical intervention. Urgent care centers treat these uncomfortable and miserable ailments on a daily basis. What this does is free up emergency rooms to deal with those situations where death might occur at any moment.

Relief for emergency rooms

24 hr urgent care Spring TX facilities are among those urgent care centers who see patients when a family doctor just can't fit them into the ever increasingly busy schedule. Urgent care centers can perform X-rays and other important diagnostic tests just like emergency rooms. That means that patients seen there still get excellent quality care, but they don't fill emergency rooms with distractions that prevent them from paying full attention to the life-threatening emergencies every day.

As urgent care centers evolved, they learned more how to best serve the needs of their patients. They perform life saving interventions each day, too, even if those interventions didn't need emergency care.

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