Ask Away...: Tips After Weight Loss Surgery

Friday, April 1, 2016

Tips After Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery is a life-changing event. It is a procedure for those who are obese and have tried several different techniques to lose weight. After the weight loss surgery Tampa doctors perform, there are a few tips to keep in mind in order to have the best recovery possible.

Listen to all of the advice that the doctor gives. Keep all of the appointments that are made after the surgery. Your doctor will want to monitor your weight loss to make sure you aren't consuming more calories than you should. Weight loss surgery will shrink the size of the stomach, and if you are eating more than the stomach will hold, then it could mean that there are eruptions on the surface of the skin in the stomach. It could also cause any sutures or bands to come undone.

The calories that you take in should be in the form of food. You might be on a liquid diet for a few weeks after surgery, but you don't want to rely on protein shakes after you are able to eat solid foods. Try to eat as much protein as possible, avoiding the foods that have a lot of fat in them. Don't consume a lot of sugar, especially in the form of soft drinks. This is empty calories, and the carbonation from the soft drinks can make your stomach fuller than it should be, resulting in a negative impact as it affects the surgery.

Don't drink water right before or after a meal. The water will flush the food from the stomach, which can make you feel like you want to eat sooner than you need to, resulting in weight gain instead of weight loss. Although some people find that snacking during the day can help with the weight loss process, this isn't something you want to do after surgery. If you want food, eat a meal that is high in protein instead of snacks. When eating, chew your food thoroughly as small chunks of food can have trouble getting through the stomach. This will also help you feel full as the food has time to settle.

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