Ask Away...: Caring For A Sick Dog

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Caring For A Sick Dog

As all canine fur babies mums and dads will know, when they get sick it can be heartbreaking. Make it a little easier on them and yourself by using these tips.



One of the most obvious things, when a dog is ill is the mess they can make. Vomiting and diarrhea, need to be monitored closely as your dog can get dehydrated. Try limiting their food or only giving them bland food for 24 hours. If you are concerned, a trip to the vets might be in order.

Unwanted urination can also be a problem. For puppies in the process of being toilet trained, puppy pads, are a brilliant way of keeping the mess to a minimum. Puppy pads are squares of absorbent cloth, a bit like a spread out nappy. They are designed to soak up spills when your puppy can't quite make it to their next loo break.

If your adult fur baby is suffering incontinence problems, try a product like Propalin Syrup for dogs. It's for use particularly with spayed female dogs. If the incontinence has only recently started happening, go to the vets to get it checked out before you start medicating them at home.


Making sure your dog has a comfortable space to rest in, it is critical when they are ill. Bring them indoors, and keep them away from you other dogs in case they transmit any illness. As they have such sensitive hearing, it's important to keep them in a quiet space. Use their favourite bed too, so they have something familiar to comfort them.


It’s best if you don't allow your dog outside too much while they are ill. Vigorous exercise can worsen their condition, and you don't want to spread the problems to any other dogs. Depending on the illness, they still might want to go outside to the toilet, but make sure that you keep them on a short lead.

Preventing Illness

Some dog illnesses can be prevented by being more careful with your pet. Use proper equipment for fetch games, rather than sticks, which can be sharp and get caught in their throat. Keep any chemicals in high cupboards or shelves like you would do with children.

As much as you love your dog and want to treat them well, don't feed them human food. There are lots of food that we love that can have a bad effect on dogs health. Sweets can have sugar replacements in them, which are terrible for dogs kidneys. Meat on the bone is a bad idea as dogs can choke on small bones. Chocolate is also a no no, causing diarrhea and damage to your fur babies nervous system. Dogs are also lactose intolerant, so unless you want some serious diarrhea issues, keep them away from the cheese board.

Lastly, don't give your canine companions, human medicine. A dogs system is very different to that of a human and requires specific medicine. Not all human medicines are compatible with dogs, and they can do more harm than good.

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  1. Bringing a Chihuahua home? Care for Chihuahua dogs is complicated because your dog is so small. But with proper care your little dog can grow and thrive. Just take care of a few basics.

  2. awesome article! i also recommend dog owners in this situation to use some food supplementation to make sure the dog is eating enough in order to go through a clean and fast recovery!


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