Ask Away...: Effective Ways To Speed Up Your Beauty Routine

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Effective Ways To Speed Up Your Beauty Routine

Just because you want to beautify yourself, doesn’t mean it has to take a million years! In actually fact, there are lots of ways to speed up your beauty routine on a daily basis. From your hair to your makeup, it’s all about knowing the tips and tricks. It’s also about practice, so you can get even speedier. Don’t worry; speeding things up doesn’t mean you have to cut corners! You can still achieve a flawless look in whatever it is you are beautifying. You just get to save a bit of time along the way!

Read on for six methods of speeding up your beauty routine. There is the consideration of hair removal, in order to save you time down the line. Also, a few tips regarding skincare. Finally, take a look at two ways to make your nails and eyelashes longer lasting.

Consider laser hair removal
Laser hair removal is a genius thing. Classed as cosmetic surgery, it is basically a fantastic way of removing unwanted hair without hardly any pain at all. Because your hair grows at different stages, you will need a few treatments over the course of a few months. But once that is done, you’ll be good to go for years! You can get laser hair removal done on your face, or arms, or legs. It is also safe to do it on your bikini line! Just imagine how much time you will save, today and in the future, not needing to wax or shave. It will speed up getting ready for parties in the summer where you will bare your legs. Plus, if you have laser hair removal on your armpits, you’ll never need to swap that no-sleeved top for a sleeved one when you’re a tad hairy again!

Use a once-a-day sunscreen
Do you get so bored of reapplying sunscreen several times a day when the sun is out. It’s understandable! Save time later in the day (and look after your skin) by using a once-a-day sunscreen. These are strong enough  that you only have to apply them once. Unless you get very sweaty, or wet, or rub your skin a lot with a towel, you’ll be protected all day.

Take care of your skin
It is an undisputable fact that makeup goes onto your skin easier if your skin is healthy. Lumps and bumps take more time to cover up. Dry skin absorbs the product quickly, and can make you look patchy. Oily skin will mean all of your hard work begins to disappear after just a few hours. However, if your skin is healthy, your makeup will be easier to apply, and it will last longer. Plus, the healthier your skin is, the less you will need (or want!) to cover it up. Unhealthy skin might need a moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer and powder. But if healthy skin might only need a tinted moisturizer; or one without any tint at all. So, increase your intake of water. Establish a cleansing routine that gets rid of any grime from the day (or night). Eat foods that feed your skin and help it flourish. Skip the ones that lead to clogged pores and breakouts. Finally, stop touching your face! You are only transferring dirt over, and this is not what you want!

Get shellac nails
Painting your nails takes time. If yours chip often, you might need to repaint them a few times a week. Instead, go for a long lasting manicure, which uses a polish that is chip resistant. Shellac polish is great if this is what you are looking for. Not only is it far sturdier than normal polish, but it is also super shiny. Plus it can last two weeks or even longer! If you’re picky and get bored easily, you may even like to change your colors several times a week! You can paint over Shellac if you really want to! It just won’t be as chip-resistant if you use normal polish to do so.


Get semi-permanent eyelashes
Skip the morning routine of loading on eyeliner and mascara by getting semi-permanent eyelashes. They make your lashes look longer, thicker and curlier. Also known as eyelash extensions, they can last between one and two months. This depends on how carefully you look after them, and of course, the quality of the application. Not only are you saving time when applying makeup, but you also save time in the evening. They will look so lovely you won’t need to use products on them. This means no long-winded wiping it all off every night! Be warned; they’re pretty addictive. Once you’ve tried them, you may never be able to live without them again.

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