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Monday, May 23, 2016

Use Social Media for the Good

Social media has changed the way that people interact with others. For many people, social media has made keeping in touch with family and friends, sharing pictures, playing games, and doing other things easier and much more enjoyable. Unfortunately, some people have used social media in a negative way. The following are some suggestions on how to use proper etiquette in social media.

Think about what you are actually posting before you hit post or tweet. Every single meal you eat or every random thought you have does not necessarily need to be posted. Also, think about what the end result may be. Your friends may love to see pictures that you post of Craig Revel Horwood on Twitter, but they likely do not want to hear about what a terrible day you had or see pictures of every meal you have eaten. Be considerate.

Something else to consider is the potential eyes that may see your profile and the tweets or posts you make. Obviously, what you post does not need to be boring. However, if a child, your pastor, your boss, or someone else respect saw what you posted, would you be embarrassed? Think about the effect it will have on others.

When considering how it will affect others, think about the profile picture you put up. It is more and more common to see individuals posting selfies. However, what you project about yourself when using a selfie may not really help you accomplish your goal. Smile like you mean it, and post something that you will not be embarrassed for colleagues and other professionals to see.

When using certain social media sites, it is possible to tag your friends. This will either identify your friends or provide more incentive for them to look at the picture or post you have put up. Of course, lots of your friends may be excited that you have put a picture of them up. However, be considerate. Would you want a picture of yourself in the same position, with the same pose, or with the same facial expression put up? Also, do not need to tag friends for each and every post you make. They will see it as the feed is refreshed.

Think about how others view you based on the things you post. Are you constantly complaining about your lot in life, poor customer service in restaurants, or other things that are bothering you? Social media can be used to complain about a bad restaurant experience. However, it's best to contact them and settle the issue. You can tell people how you're doing on social media, but you don't want to get a bad reputation

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