Ask Away...: 4 Apps To Make Your Life Easier

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

4 Apps To Make Your Life Easier

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Life can be tricky to navigate, and making your way through it can sometimes be tough. So, make it easier! There are now a number of apps on the market that allow you to just this. Improve your health with pelvic exercises, and track your diet with a motivational diet tracker! Know when your period is on its way, and you can plan accordingly. Finally, make it easier to get fit with an app that helps you reach your goals. Sounds good, right? Read on to find out more about each.
Pelvic trainer
To make it easier to control your bladder
Pretty much everyone could do with a stronger pelvic floor. It can improve your sex life as it tightens your muscles in that region. However, it can also help with a more serious issue, and that of poor bladder control. If you have trouble with leakage or think this might be an issue you encounter in the future, it is wise to start now. It is also sensible to strengthen these muscles for the future, even if you don’t experience this issue currently. You can do your exercises yourself, but using a pelvic trainer and exerciser may give your faster and better results.

Period tracker
To make it easier to predict your cycle and moods
Every woman knows that unpredictable periods can be hard work. Knowing when you are due makes lots of areas of your life easier. You know when you can wear certain outfits right through to when you might just want to stay home in front of the TV! So, using a period tracker app can provide you with this knowledge. Not only can you input the dates of your period, but it can also help you predict when your next will come and how long it will last for. Some can even predict the date of your period for up to 3 months! It can also help you track things like mood and flow.

Fitness tracker
To make it easier to track your fitness progress
There is a certain piece of technology with an app that has taken the health and fitness world by storm just recently. We’re talking about the Fitbit, of course! It tracks your fitness levels, of course, but it also helps with other things too. From daily activities through to how you sleep, it has a number of different features to give you a healthier life. Most of all, it’s main aim is to help you reach your goals.

Diet tracker
To make it easier to track your diet
Whether you are trying to lose weight, gain weight or maintain your current weight, it can be really tricky! That’s because we consume lots of different foods and drinks during the day. This means that keeping track of all the different calories and sugar levels can be hard. This is where an effective diet tracker comes in. The best ones are already loaded with common grocery store foods, so you can find the exact content without having to put in in yourself.

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