Ask Away...: Make Your Makeup Look Even Better With These Tricks

Monday, July 18, 2016

Make Your Makeup Look Even Better With These Tricks


A lot of having a successful and happy day is knowing the little tricks to make it easier! You know the best route to work to avoid all that morning traffic. You know where to pick up the best lunch in your area. You know which grocery store has the best layout, which gas station has the shortest queues.

We learn these little shortcuts and life hacks without even realizing we are doing so. However, with beauty, these tips don’t necessarily come organically. Sometimes, we have to actively learn them.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at four things it is about time you learned! Each will make your makeup look even better than it does already!

Fight shine with oil soaking sheets
If you have naturally oily skin, it could be that no amount of products keeps shine at bay. Of course, you can try to oil-free foundations. Adding a good amount of powder may help too. However, if these things still don’t help, oil sheets might. These are dinky little sheets that you press onto oily areas. They soak the oil right up. Best of all? They don’t smudge or ruin the makeup underneath either. If anything, they make it last even longer, because it’s not sliding away thanks to the oil!


Make your foundation last longer with primer
A fantastic way to make your foundation last longer starts before you actually apply it. Primers have been around for a while. Professional makeup artists have known about them for a long time too! However, it’s only recently that they’ve hit the drugstores and high streets. You can now find them in both affordable and high-end versions. A bit like a moisturizer, primers are more focused on making your makeup stay in place. They hold it where it should be, and can also help keep oil at bay too!


Buy online
In some cases, your makeup and overall look is better because you’ve used good quality products. Don’t think these are out of your price range- just buy them online. First of all, they may be cheaper than the same product in store. This is because shops can sometimes increase the RRP! Plus, online you are more likely to be able to find and use discount codes and money-off coupons. Plus, buying makeup online is way easier. No fighting with the crowds to grab the last lippie in your favorite shade. You can take your time and pick whatever you fancy. Look for websites with a clear and easy-to-use layout; Gallany cosmetics online are a great example of this!


Dry shampoo your hair
It used to be widely believed that clean hair equaled healthy hair. However, we now know that isn’t the case. In fact, washing your hair too often can be incredibly damaging. Instead of washing your hair all the time, make a new best friend. If you aren’t already on the dry shampoo train, get on it! Don’t be put off if you have darker hair. There are now brands out there that do them with a darker tint, so do white patches!

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  1. I love dry shampoo. I use it at least once a week.


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