Ask Away...: Bringing Up Teenagers: How To Ensure Their Safety

Friday, August 5, 2016

Bringing Up Teenagers: How To Ensure Their Safety

We all know that teenagers can be handfuls. After all, we were all teenagers once! If you have a teenage son or daughter, you may be finding it particularly tough to keep a check on them. You’ll be trying to balance caring for them with giving them enough independence. Getting this balance right certainly isn’t easy. One of the main things you should be doing as a parent, though, is to keep them safe. Here is how you can do that while keeping them happy.

Try To Eliminate Bad Influences

Most parents dislike one of their teenager’s friends. This is a very common thing. You can’t be expected to get on with everyone who you meet, so the chances are that your teenager will be friends with someone who you just don’t gel with. However, you might dislike a friend because you think they may be a bad influence. If this is the case, try to discourage your son or daughter from spending so much time with them. Your teenager may not be happy at first. But if you tell them your reasoning about this, they should eventually come round to the idea. Especially if they realize the effect that their friend is having on them.

Be Alert For Changes In Behavior

If there are any sudden changes in your son or daughter’s behavior, it could be a sign of a much bigger problem. Depression can cause us to act out of character. If you believe that your child may be depressed, it could be a good idea to persuade them to see a doctor. It could also be the sign that your child is experimenting with alcohol or other substances. If you think this is the case, you should seriously consider sending your son or daughter for alcohol treatment before things get worse.

Encourage Them To Take Care Of Themselves

If your teenager is going through puberty, they will be dealing with a range of hormones and changes to their body. Encourage them to eat healthily and stay fit, as this will ensure their body adapts well to all the changes of puberty. You should also explain to your child that they will now have to pay attention to personal hygiene. As they will be sweating more than when they were a child. Girls should be taught about their periods and how to use tampons or pads. It is also very important to explain sexual health to them. Once they know all that there is to know, they are more likely to stay safe and healthy.

Let Them Know You’re Always There For Them

The best way to look after your teenager is to let them know that you are always there for them. If you are there to support them, they will feel that they can trust you and are able to approach you with all their problems. Shower them with love and affection as well, whenever possible. They may no longer be kids, but they will still love a hug off their mom every now and then!

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