Ask Away...: One For The Men: Office wear And How You Can Totally Rock That Look

Thursday, August 25, 2016

One For The Men: Office wear And How You Can Totally Rock That Look

Office wear never used to be so varied for men. Years ago there was never the amount of choice or options there is today. A man wore a suit to the office, a shirt, and a tie. That may have been the extent of the styling. But now, things are different. It is much more exciting for a man to dress for the office these days. How you dress is a perception of you and your personality, now a suit and the details can tell that story. Want to know how you can totally rock that look? Here’re a few pointers to help you out.


The suit as you have never seen it before

Gone are the days where a suit was worn would look the same as someone stood next to you. This piece is now something that can transform your overall look. Suits now take into consideration your body shape. Not everyone has the same appearance. Which is why a suit cannot be a one size fits all. This is where considering something more individual could be a great way forward. Having something tailored could make the difference. Companies like Michael Andrews Bespoke can offer great services. These days the look of the suit is far different from the average black or navy options. We have striking blues, transforming greys, and some offer different options like plum. A suit now is a statement, not just a piece of clothing you wear. This is vital for making your presence known in the office environment.

Rock those accessories to transform an everyday look

It’s not just about the suit, though. But what you wear with it. This is why your accessories are just as important. From a dashin pocket square for a sophisticated look. A dazzling tie that can be a real statement piece. Even the littlest of things like cufflinks and tie pins can all make a huge difference to the overall look. Don’t forget these essential items when styling p your office wear.

Footwear is key for pulling off the style

Of course, a great shoe will always pull off a suit. But sometimes it;s not just about the shoe but more about their appearance. Scuffed up marks and unpolished shoes will always bring you appearance down a notch. So don’t let yourself down over the minor details. Make sure every part of your look is polished and well presented.

Don’t forget those little details

It’s all in the detail. As some would say. This is why making sure you have an eye for these details is important for completing your office wear look. Your hair needs to be smart, your face alert and awake. Clean shaven or with trimmed stubble. It all needs to look polished. Even your choice of cologne can make a big difference to how someone reacts to your look. The details matter.

It is all in the mind

Finally, it is all well and good having the right clothes, but it needs that extra something for you to pull it all together. That is confidence and belief. You need to have that confidence and motivation to succeed to have that general demina about yourself. All of which is a mindset. So keep positive and make sure you are oozing with confidence.

I hope this helps you transform your office wear look.

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  1. Ellen, you should have used Merlot Mike as your model for this blog post. Maybe not so much the purple suit, but that man knows how to accessorize!


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