Ask Away...: Time To Say Goodbye? Celebrate Your Beloved Pet's Life With This Advice

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Time To Say Goodbye? Celebrate Your Beloved Pet's Life With This Advice

One of the hardest things your family can go through is when it’s time to say goodbye to a beloved pet. They become a special part of your family for, on average, over ten years, and it can be very upsetting when they do pass away. To help move past the death, it’s a good idea to celebrate your pet’s life. Here are some advice on how to celebrate your beloved pets life, after you have had to say goodbye.


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Host a memorial for your pet


One piece of advice on how to celebrate your beloved pet’s life is to host a memorial for your pet. It’s a great chance for you all to remember your best memories of the time with the pet. Let everyone say a few words about the pet, so they all feel like they have had a chance to say goodbye. Try and make it more of a celebration than a funeral, so that it can try and lift everyone’s spirits during the tough time. You will find it much easier to grieve and deal with your emotions after hosting a memorial for your pet.




Create a scrapbook of your favorite pictures


Another piece of advice on celebrating your beloved pet’s life is you should create a scrapbook of your favorite pictures of the pet. It’s something that you can all look back on and smile when you see pictures of the beloved animal. You should all get involved when choosing pictures of the pet you want to put in the scrapbook. Let your little ones draw pictures of the pet to put in the scrapbook as well.


Find a special place for their ashes


You should also find a special place to put your pet’s ashes after they have passed away. Finding a special place for their resting place is a great way to celebrate their life. You could choose their favorite spot in the garden, or perhaps somewhere they used to love going on walks. Some people are now using some of the ashes of their pet to make some jewelry they can keep forever. You can look online to find companies who will turn ashes into diamonds for pets. You can then keep the diamond and pass it down to the kids when they are older. It’s a great way to ensure you all remember the pet forever.


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Plant a tree in memory of pet


Another way to celebrate your beloved pet’s life is to plant a tree in their memory. You could do this in your garden in a spot they used to like to sit. Or you could do it in a park if you have permission. Get your kids to help you when planting the tree. You could then get a plaque which you can put next to the tree, so you will always remember they are there.


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It’s always a good idea to donate your pet’s toys and beds to a charity or the vets. As this feature explains, you then know another pet is benefiting from the items that belonged to your beloved pet. Always keep a few keepsakes, such as a collar or their first toy.




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