Ask Away...: Making Dog Baskets For The Holidays

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Making Dog Baskets For The Holidays

 The holiday season can be a time when you don't know what to get family and friends if they seem to already have everything. If they have a dog, then consider making dog gift baskets for the owner and the pet. They are easy to make, and you can include almost anything in them that the animal and the owner would enjoy in relation to pictures, toys, treats and more.

The first thing that you need to do is find a basket for the gifts that will go inside. A basket for a dog can be made with a bed as the base so that the bed can be used for the pet. A Styrofoam block can be placed in the bottom of the container so that there is support for the items that are added. You can also use crumpled paper in the bottom if you don't want to add foam.

When you're making the basket for the dog, begin by adding the larger items at the bottom of the basket. You can include everything from a bag of food to large toys that the dog can enjoy outside. Clothing for the dog is an option along with treats and items that can be used for grooming, such as a brush or shampoo. The size and amount of the items that you add should coordinate with the size of the dog. You don't want to add items that are large for a smaller dog, and you want to include enough items for a dog that is larger because it can easily go through a small container of treats in a short time.
Making a basket for the dog's owner is a little easier. Start by adding a canvas bag to the bottom of the basket. This can be used to hold all of the items for the dog when the owner goes on vacation or takes the dog to the park. Include mugs with pictures, a calendar or books about dogs and dog care. You can also add blankets that have pictures of dogs or figurines, especially those that look like the kind of pet the owner has at home.

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  1. These dog gift baskets are perfect and too cute!


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