Ask Away...: Right And Wrong Ways To Spoil Furry, Four-Legged Friends

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Right And Wrong Ways To Spoil Furry, Four-Legged Friends

We all love our pets. Any of us who has a few animals around the place knows how they make life better, bring joy and fun. And we also spoil them. There's no judgment there, by the way. Spoiling your pets is the reason you have them. Why would you have a cat or a dog - or for that matter any animal - and then just give them a normal life? That makes them basically an accessory!

So we will push the boat out for our animals, and people who don't have pets sometimes don't get it. You'll go without things to ensure they can be happy and comfortable. If they're ill, you'll spend a lot of money getting them well even if it means basic dinners for a month. And people who don't get it will say "I understand you love them. But is there a chance you love them too much?"

Obviously if you're doing what you can to ensure your pet is comfortable and healthy, it's not too much. But there may be signs that your love has gone too far.

You Have A Personalized Outfit For Every Occasion

People are divided on the idea of outfits for animals, especially dogs. Anyone who has ever tried to dress their cat knows that there's not much room for debate with them. But dogs? Well, you sometimes hear people say "And this is Mitzi's FAVORITE outfit!" and ask yourself "But is it, though? Or is it YOUR favorite?". Your dog doesn't understand the concept of clothing. Spend the money on a steak instead?

You've Bought Them An Actual Bed

Pet beds are a more than reasonable purchase for pet parents, as they allow your little companion to sleep comfortably. A warm and fleecy bed is what they really want and that's why pet beds are designed that way.

Other places a pet wants to sleep include on the couch, on your bed and on your lap when you're trying to work. Places they're not so keen on include a human-style bed scaled down. If you want a bit of added luxury, they'd love a Vellux blanket or similar in their own bed. Your bed works for you because it's designed for humans. Dogs and cats are shaped differently from us, so a human-style bed isn't as good for them.

You Feed Them Expensive Human Food ... And Drink

We all love our pets and want them to have the best of everything. That's why we find ourselves in supermarkets late at night picking up expensive food for them.

But what we consider the best and what they consider the best are different things. If you find yourself handing your dog chocolate truffles, or letting it drink champagne, you're actually harming it. And they'd be as happy, or happier, with a good raw steak.

Your pet, well looked after, should be around for a long time, and in that time you will spend a lot of money on them. But beware of treating them like a human you love. Your two-legged friends and your four-legged ones like, and need, different things.

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