Ask Away...: The Shoes To Make You Shine This Fall

Thursday, September 15, 2016

The Shoes To Make You Shine This Fall


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Yes, we probably have enough shoes in our closet, but what woman ever turns down the opportunity buy some new pairs come Fall? There are some new trends in shoes this year but also some timeless classics that keep cropping up. And if your husband tells you that you already have five other pairs that look the same? Simply tell him to pipe down, else you’ll walk all over him in your sparkly new purchases!  

Platform Sandals

A platform sandal is one of those shoes that show no signs of going out of fashion. Loved by celebrities including Jennifer Lopez and Victoria Beckham, it’s a versatile shoe that can be dressed both up and down. Seen on the runway at both Gucci and Miu Miu platform sandals for fall are bold and stripey or have a pop of metallic on them too.  If you want some affordable luxury look for coupons online for great deals on heels.  

The Lazy Loafer

This is a trend you either love or hate. Thanks to Gucci’s legendary Princetown slippers, the lazy loafer has been rocking the runway for the last year. And the trend has been adopted by celebrities such as Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung and Kendall Jenner. The lazy loafer is a backless slip on with a smarter looking front. They even come fur lined if you fancy! They mix casual elegance with the comfort of a slide, and the bonus is there’s no ankle rubbing. It’s the hippest trend for Fall.

The Ballerina Flat

Yes, we know the ballerina flat has been around for a long time. But have you seen Miu Miu’s latest buckled leather and satin ribbon flats? They’re the chicest flat on offer and can be seen on every fashionista’s Instagram page. Ballerina flats are the perfect day-to-day go-to and can be paired with both skinny jeans and midi or shorter length skirts. Choose one statement embellished pair for Fall. And then a pair in a plain but pretty color such as blush or charcoal for those times you just want to slip on and make haste in style.

Mid Heel Black Pump

Your shoe closet is not complete without a stunning pair of mid heel black pumps. For when you’re not sure what to shoes match your outfit this style is your go-to evening pair. They are elegant, timeless, and you can never have too many pairs. Make sure to choose a style that feels comfortable if you’re going to be dancing or on your feet all night. They work great with cocktail dresses and cigarette pants too. Even casual outfits can be dressed up simply by slipping a chic black pump on. If you’re buying a new pair, consider black patent leather or ones with a big embellished bow on the back for extra style points.

The Cute Boot

Want a new cute boot for Fall style? Yes, we thought you might! Choose a stacked heel mid height boot to channel cool ‘70’s style. Lace up ankle boots were also seen all over the catwalk this Fall. Choose velvet or suede for an extra glam look. And of course, you must have a new pair of flat ankle boots to wear with your skinny jeans as the weather gets cooler. Already got classic black and tan boots? Then choose a pair in a bright color such as burgundy or red instead for the ultimate style statement

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