Ask Away...: When Things Get Tough In Your Relationship: Who To Turn To

Thursday, September 15, 2016

When Things Get Tough In Your Relationship: Who To Turn To

In our minds, when we think about relationships, we have idyllic ideas of happy couples who stay together for ever. However, life doesn’t always work out like that. And you might find that, at times, your relationship can be far from this idyllic ideal. Most of the time, these tough periods won’t last for long, and things will get back to how they were. But what happens if it seems that the rough patch doesn’t seem to be coming to an end? Thankfully, there are various people who can help you by giving you plenty of support and advice. Are you interested to know who you can turn to in your time of need? Here are some of the best people who can help you.

Your Partner

If things feel like they aren’t going right, your partner should be the first person who you speak to. They might not realize that you aren’t exactly happy with how things are going in the relationship. By speaking to them, you can each learn about how you are both feeling with each other and in the relationship. You never know, you might learn that your partner isn’t particularly happy either. Once you start speaking to your partner, you can start to work on the relationship and figure out how to take things forward.

Your Mother

Your mother will be there for you no matter what, and she will be able to support you through various situations. She will have lots of valuable life advice, and can even speak from her own experience of past relationships. As soon as you start having major relationship problems, give your mom a call. You can be sure that she’ll come round straight away or invite you over for a chat over a coffee! Even just chatting to your mom can help you take a great weight off your mind. It could also be a good idea to stay with your mom a few days while you give your partner some space. This is particularly effective after you’ve had a big argument. Once you go back home, you can your partner can start from scratch and will be ready to see each other again after a short break.

Best Friends

Just like your mom, your best friends will also be there for you whenever you need them. And they will do all they can to give you all the advice you need. Not only that, though, but they will be able to take your mind of things. I bet one of their first suggestions will be to go for a girly night out. You will have a great time with them and forgetting all about your relationship woes. So if you feel like things are almost at breaking point in your relationship, give your best friends a call. Not only will they cheer you up, but they will also dish out some really great advice!

Marriage Counselors

If you have spoken to everyone I’ve already mentioned, and things don’t seem to be getting any easier, you should book a session at a marriage counselors. Even if you aren’t married, there will be plenty of sessions for couples therapy that you could go to. As part of the therapy, you and your partner will both have to attend the sessions together. Through talking to a professional, you will both work through your problems and issues together. This is a great way to have serious talks with your partner and know that they won’t end up in a big row. The counselor won’t let that happen. Instead, he or she will keep you and your partner calm while you both air your thoughts and feelings.


If things get past the point of no return, there may be no alternative other than ending the relationship. If you are married, you will need to contact a lawyer to see what rights you have. You should also speak to a lawyer if you and your partner have lived together for sometime, but have never married. You might still be eligible to some payments or a settlement from your partner. The lawyer can also help you if you have children together. They can work with you both to come to an agreement about custody.

Worried that things don’t seem to be getting better in your relationship? Then, hopefully, this blog will have given you some thoughtful insight about who exactly you can turn to. And then you can go on enjoying your relationship together!

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  1. Loved reading this! Support is so important in tough times ♥


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