Ask Away...: FaceTime - Why It's Worth Putting The Effort In This Winter

Monday, October 3, 2016

FaceTime - Why It's Worth Putting The Effort In This Winter

Can you feel the temperature start to drop? Does it make you want to get out your jumpers and thick socks? Or hide under the duvet for extended amounts time? Then, just think about what it's doing to your face! Caring for our face is essential to looking good in the winter time. Here are some ways you can ensure that you will still look your best, even in the coldest weather.



It's important to keep your skin well moisturised and protected from the elements as the weather gets colder. Cold weather and harsh conditions can dry out the face, causing it to lose its elasticity. This can lead to fine line and wrinkles. That is why is essential to moisturize before you put your makeup on as well as after you take it off before bed each night.

Moisturizing before you put your makeup on helps to create a good base on which to build your look. Choose a light moisturiser, preferably one with an SPF protection. Remember that just because it's winter, it doesn't mean that there are no UVA rays around.

It's also vital that you ensure that your moisturising layer has completely sunken in before you try to apply the rest of your base. Otherwise, they will combine on your skin and give a streaky appearance. Also using a primer or starting with a base of pressed powder can help you make up stay on longer which is vital for the winter months.


Our lips can be one of the biggest casualties in the winter. It's easy for them to become dry and chapped. Not only is this unsightly, but it can also get to be pretty uncomfortable too. That is why you should aim not to get to this stage if at all possible.

Regularly exfoliate the dead skin from your lips with an exfoliating lip balm. Keep your lips moisturised during the day with balm. In fact, using a lip stain with balm over the top gives a great finish and stops you getting into a balm versus stick quandary.


Of course, no makeup look this season would be complete without some clever contouring to make you appear younger and more sculpted. You can use powders, cream of sticks yourself to created that contoured look. Or, you can check out, for a more permanent option. Remember, whichever one you go for, you are seeking to enhance your good features and minimise the things that you aren't quite as keen on.


As the weather in winter can be so bad, then making sure your makeup stays on your face is pretty essential. Some people deal with this by using waterproof formulas of concealer and mascara. Others choose to set each layer with loose powder before they apply a new one. Remember though the more layers you have on, the more you will need to take off at the end of the days. So be sure to treat yourself to some micellar wipes to help you with this job.

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  1. I'm so not ready for real cold weather.


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