Ask Away...: The Party Essentials You Just Can't Do Without

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Party Essentials You Just Can't Do Without

Hosting a party can be quite a fun thing to do. You could arrange one to celebrate something specific like a milestone birthday or a special occasion. Or you could just use it as an opportunity to get some friends and family together and have a fabulous night. Whatever your reasons they can be very enjoyable. However, parties can feel like an overwhelming thing to organise. So I thought I would share with you some of the party essentials that you just can’t do without.


A decent menu

One main essential thing to do would be to plan your menu as best as you can. This will alert you to any allergies you need to take into consideration as well as diet choices like vegetarianism or veganism. Planning your menu also means you can think about the ingredients you use and prepare yourself in advance. You can choose to source ingredients locally or make any special trips required to get in some of the ingredients you need. Preparing in advance will allow you to enjoy the party much more, rather than it spent in the kitchen rushing around.

Plenty to drink

When it comes to the drinks side of thing a party won’t be complete without a few good alcoholic beverages. Whether it’s beers, cocktails or wines you need to ensure you make some good decisions. If you are serving food then it might be worth ensuring it matches with your food choices. If you are looking for wine inspiration then click here for more information.

A great guest attendance

Knowing how many guests you are hosting will be essential to your party planning. A guest list will enable you to plan any food and drink options. While also considering where you will host the party in the first place. Get your invitations out in plenty of time. Whether you choose to do something formal like a paper invite or just send a group email, getting the word out in advance is essential. This offers you plenty of time to receive those all important RSVP’s.

Decoration is a real nice touch

Decorating the room you are hosting your party in, can be a nice touch for your guest. You should also think about how your table is set and consider getting a floral arrangement from a florist. They can be a lovely talking point amongst your guests. This is the perfect opportunity to use your best glassware, cutlery and plate sets. Show them off in style.

A fantastic party space

Finally, pick your party space as best you can. You may want to consider hosting it at home or at a venue. If you choose a venue then you may want to hunt out some different options. You might want to consider some of the questions you need to ask. You need to find out whether they are flexible with food and drink options. While also being local.

I hope these party essentials tips will help you on your next party planning venture.

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  1. I love throwing parties! I can't wait for my next one! I like to theme them which drives everyone crazy, but I love.

    1. But theme parties are the best because they are so fun and unique!


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