Ask Away...: Where People Go Wrong With Painting When They First Move Into Their Home

Friday, October 7, 2016

Where People Go Wrong With Painting When They First Move Into Their Home

Moving into a new home is great as you get to put your own stamp on the property. You get to personalize it and make it stand out from the crowd. However, when you are decorating the new home, it’s easy to make some errors. After all, you are making decisions when you are stressed out about moving, so it’s easy to go wrong with choices! Here are some things where people go wrong with painting when they first move into their home.

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They move everything in before painting

It’s easy to go on a spending spree once you have got the keys to your new home. After all, you can’t wait to fill the home with delightful new staple pieces. However, before you move any piece of furniture in, you need to make sure you start painting. Otherwise, you are going to struggle to get around edges when your belongings are in the way. And you don’t want to do a half-hearted job which you will regret later. As this article says, you don’t want to have to do it when everything is in as then you have to move it around and cover it. After all, paint on new furniture will be a nightmare! Therefore, get transforming your new home with a fresh coat of paint before you move in any belongings!

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They don’t repaint the exterior of their home

A lot of people are so busy painting the indoors of their home that they forget how important it is to paint the exterior of their home too. But a lot of professionals recommend that you repaint the outside of your home every four to six years to look good! Although it does depend on the type and quality of materials the home is made with. Therefore, ask the owner when it was last painted and have a look around to see if it needs redoing. You can find many companies who can offer professional painting services for the exterior of your home. That way, you can start a fresh with an excellent new look for your property.

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They make rushed decisions on paint

When you want to choose paint for your new home, you need to make sure you are not making a rushed decision. It’s easy to get caught up in the moment as you want to get it sorted so that you can move the belongings into your property. But you don’t want to choose paint that you don’t like once you have everything in your home. Therefore, you need to pick up some samples from the store and make sure it will look great in the room. You might want to talk to a color consultant for advice on colors that might work well in your property.

They choose colors that don’t work in the long run

You might love yellow currently and decide to paint particular rooms such as the living room or bedroom this color. But will it work in the long run? A lot of people regret making decor choices that don’t like in two or three years! Therefore, stick to painting the rooms neutral colors and then you can add colorful staple pieces in the room to make it more your style. That way, you can easily change it around without too much trouble!

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Hopefully, these tips will ensure the paint in your home looks fantastic!

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  1. I know moving into a new home is really a great feeling, because I have already feel this when I shifted to my new home. So this post is really informative and interesting for me. I enjoyed it.


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