Ask Away...: 5 Unique Wedding Mementos To Consider

Friday, November 11, 2016

5 Unique Wedding Mementos To Consider

Your wedding, as the saying goes, should be the happiest day of your life. However, no matter how wonderful an occasion is, time inevitably marches on, and all the new things in our life make the memory become more and more hazy. With this in mind, I’m sure you want at least one memento that you can keep looking at to remember the day of your wedding. Here’s a list of some unique ideas for how to remember your special day.
Real, Candid Photos
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Everyone has pictures taken at their wedding, often by a professional photographer. While wedding pictures are lovely things to look back on, a lot of them can feel a little put-on and rehearsed. Of course, you should have a few group photos where everyone’s lined up together. However, if you really want to capture the spirit of the day, ask your wedding photographer to take a few more candid, spontaneous shots. By telling your photographer to be a little more freestyle with their work at your wedding, you’ll not only ensure that you have enough photos, but get more than a few which are interesting and genuine.
Love Letters
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If you and your partner have always had a way with words, then why not weave your unique voices into the mementos you take from your wedding day? On the big day, when both of you are getting ready separately, why not write each other love letters, telling your partner how much they mean to you, how hard it is to be away from them even for this short space of time, and how happy you’re going to make them in your new life together. Have your flower girl or ring bearer run them between you, and after the big day, keep them somewhere safe where you can dig them out again and again. Just make sure your groom is aware of who you’re going to be with when you’re getting ready so that he keeps his letters family-friendly!
Unique ‘Save The Date’ Signs
If you’ve set a date for your wedding, and now you’re just living in constant, restless anticipation, you can still get a beautiful memento in advance with a unique “save the date” sign. These have become steadily more popular in recent years, and now there are countless designs and fonts you can choose from, ensuring that everything about your memento is unique to you and your partner. Whether you want something elegant, archaic and sophisticated or a sign that’s simple and light-hearted, there are countless designs and fonts to choose from. Throw some ideas around with your partner, then get online and shop now!
Wedding Card Scrapbook
Yes, I know all the attention you’re getting in the run up to your wedding is making you feel like a princess. While your big day may be mainly about you and your partner, it’s not all about either one of you! Weddings are a unique kind of gathering; family and friends come from all over just to be there and wish you well. As life goes on, your relationships with your extended social circle will change a lot, and while it’s not always a good thing to dwell on the past, it’s wonderful to preserve all these relationships as they were at a certain point in time. Creating a wedding card scrapbook is an easy, yet wonderful way of remembering all those special people at such a special point in your life. Simply collect all the cards you receive for your wedding, shop around for a lovely scrapbook, and then catalog them all. A decade on, you’ll be able to look through them with your partner, and get that unique, bittersweet feeling that comes with thinking of how much everyone’s changed.
Frame a Part of Your Dress
Right now, your wedding dress is probably the most beautiful item of clothing you’ve ever seen, and the thought of tearing or cutting a section off of it may be unthinkable! However, you’re only going to wear it once, and it won’t matter if you’re missing a little bit off the hem! Framing a piece of your wedding dress will make a wonderful and potent memento, that you’ll be able to keep on your wall and see every day. The full dress is probably going to collect dust somewhere, or maybe even get sold after enough time has passed. However, keeping one little square of fabric is a beautiful way to remind yourself that the happiest day of your life really happened!

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