Ask Away...: Make Your House Look Fantastic For Guests Visiting This Weekend With These Hacks

Monday, November 7, 2016

Make Your House Look Fantastic For Guests Visiting This Weekend With These Hacks

During the weekend, we often have people over at our home. After all, it’s the perfect way to unwind together without having to spend a fortune going out. But with friends coming over to your house, you need to make sure it looks perfect. After all, you want to leave a good lasting impression on your guests. Therefore, here are some ways to make your house look fantastic for guests this weekend.

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Give the front some curb appeal

When your guests pull up outside your home, the first thing they will see is the front of your house. Therefore, it’s time to go outside and give the front of your home some curb appeal. You should mow the front grass and give the plants some TLC. Also, wash the windows to ensure they are sparkly clean. Also, you should make sure you give the front door a lick of paint. That way, they will be impressed by the shiny new color when they visit. And finally, add a fun doormat so that the friends know it’s your home!

Add some gorgeous scented candles

To help impress your guests, you should make sure you add plenty of accents in the room. After all, they give the rooms in your home some personality. One thing you should add is some candles. They make the house feel homely and can add a pop of color to the rooms. And when you are choosing the candles, you should head to the aisle of scented candles. After all, it will give your home a lovely smell which will impress your guests. Choose something which is fitting for the season to show you are on-trend!

Get rid of all the unnecessary clutter

It’s important for our house to look clean and spacious for when we have guests visiting this weekend. Therefore, it’s time to get rid of all that unnecessary clutter in your home. Look through items that need a new home, and throw away anything you don’t need anymore. That way, you can give the home a deep clean without items being in the way. If you need some extra help getting your carpets to look fantastic, you might want to call a company such as ServiceMaster Restoration by Zaba. They will come out and clean them, so they look in a tip-top condition for when friends come to visit!

Ensure the bathroom is nice and clean

We all like to use a clean bathroom when we are over at a friend’s home. Therefore, make sure you give yours a nice clean before you let friends use the restroom. You should clean the sink and make sure you top up the soap. Also, give the toilet a good clean and add some bleach, so it’s ready for your guests. And make sure you put some fresh towels out. That way, they can dry their hands without having to use your towel. As this article says, go for guest towels in a different color which will not only look great but will show them clearly which one to use!

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And once you have your home looking great for guests, you can work on ensuring your pets are ready. Look at my previous blog for advice on getting your pooches to behave when friends come over.

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