Ask Away...: Organising That Dinner Party That Everyone Can't Stop Talking About

Friday, November 4, 2016

Organising That Dinner Party That Everyone Can't Stop Talking About

Lucky you. You’re going to be the hostess with the mostess. This is the kind of responsibility that you’ve always enjoyed and seeing the pleasure and laughter on people's faces is something that not only inspires you but warms your heart. But how do you make that dinner party that bit extra special? One that will be remembered for years to come.

Let’s start with the food and drink shall we? The main talking point of any dinner party. Just remember before you start that you’re working on a budget. To go over it would be extremely foolish and to go majorly under it would reek of cheapness and the guests you’ve invited to this special occasion will certainly pick up on this.


Picking food out always has its obstacles. Beforehand, you may want to do your own private market research. Find out about any allergies or any special dietary needs. There is also a high chance of one of your guests being vegetarian or vegan so you’ll have to cater for their specific needs as well. Don’t just dish them a side salad. They’ll be expecting more than that. Wherever you go to purchase your food, make sure that it looks aesthetically pleasing. Nobody likes to see a mouldy fruit or rotten vegetables. Guests also seem to have that sixth sense of telling if the meat or fish you have served them is out of date so be extremely wary. Maybe a trip to a butchers or a fishmongers is more sensible. They are experts in their profession and can also recommend to you the best kind of cut or catch for your party. A range of desserts should also be offered afterwards to guests. Some will decline but there’ll be definitely those who want more. Don’t disappoint and provide plenty.

Choosing the appropriate drink can be seen as another obstacle. Jump over it by supplying a whole range to your guests from stores like The Liquor Barn. They’ll be those who want to get sloshed on spirits, those who want a casual glass of wine or two and for those who are taking it easy or driving, supply the usual variety of soft drinks and juices. The normal range should suffice unless you’ve found a specific taste in your pre recorded market research. Make sure you have enough to satisfy. You don’t want  the embarrassment of you or some of your guests leaving the party to go and get some extra drinks. That’s just poor preparation and one that will be noted.


You may also want to provide entertainment for the evening. A pub quiz type game could be a good use of an interlude and fun way for everyone to get to know each other. However, if you’ve had enough of preparing things, why not let the guests into your recently cut garden, weather permitting of course, and putting on a relaxed music playlist to let them unwind and digest the delicious food and drink that they have just gorged on.

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  1. If I talk about myself than yes I am always quite nervous when I am hosting a party. I just loved your blog and I am sure these tips will definitely help me out, in next my next party.


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