Ask Away...: Why A Smile Is So Vital To Confidence

Monday, November 21, 2016

Why A Smile Is So Vital To Confidence

If you’re unhappy with your smile, you feel it every day. You know what it’s like to want to express, to just thrive in a moment of happiness. But you’re afraid to. You don’t want to open your mouth to smile for photos, or with people or maybe even by yourself. Smiles are important to confidence. So we’re going to take a look at why they matter so much and how you can start tackling the problem from every angle.

The importance of a smile
Being able to smile freely isn’t just a sign of confidence. It’s a part of feeling confident, too. The physical act of smiling itself triggers a response in the brain and affects your emotion. It makes you happier and more confident. It’s also important for building relationships with people. If you’re able to communicate with a sincere smile, then it acts as a social positive proof to the other person. They’re more likely to engage in the conversation and think of it in a much more positive life. A smile is a lot more than just a sign you’re happy. It’s a tool towards happiness as well.
Addressing the root of the problem
No-one with teeth in poor health wanted them to be that way. It might have been due to bad childhood habits or an innate fear of the dentist that was never properly addressed. The fact is that a lot of these unresolved issues turn into dental anxiety. People are afraid that they will be reprimanded. That their results are going to be the most negative kind. That the experience will live up to all their fears. There are steps you can take to address dental anxiety, such as listening to audiobooks or music in the waiting room. But it’s a good idea to inform your dentist of those fears as well. Many of them have had patients who have suffered anxiety and panic attacks in the past. Unless they’re truly terrible, they will be accommodating to your worries. If they are terrible, then just know that the next dentist you switch to is all the more likely to be the kind you need.

Making sure your routine is enough
A dentist’s work can be undermined by an oral hygiene routine that is way below par, however. You’ll keep getting the same advice if you keep going without taking the right steps to improve it. For instance, a lot of people don’t brush their teeth right. Meaning, they don’t brush to the gum or they don’t floss. Use sites like to make sure your routine is up to snuff. A lot of people have trouble flossing or some anxiety about that. Again, discussing this with your dentist is the best way to find a solution.
No, you haven’t missed the boat
If you want more involved work done on your teeth, you might think that you’ve left it too late. For example, a lot of adults might think that because they didn’t have braces as a kid, there’s little they can do to correct their smile. However, that’s not the case. Consider sites like that can help you find the kind of help you need. These sites also include a detailed list of the different treatments available. Whatever your concern, it’s likely you’ll be able to find someone in your area who can help you with it.

Accept that you don’t have to be perfect to be confident
Working on your teeth and your smile might make it easier for you to be confident. But it’s not the only way. Even after getting work done, you might not be entirely happy with the results. But the fact is that you are working towards bettering yourself. Take that positive momentum and apply it to the rest of your life. Keep improving yourself, mentally and physically. The process is just as important a part of building self-esteem and confidence. Treat yourself, body, mind and soul, as worthy. Lacking confidence in your smile is just one symptom of a lack of self-worth that you should be tackling as best as you can.
Regaining confidence is about taking a combination of steps. Part of you has to accept that you’re always going to have physical aspects that you’re not entirely pleased with. But at the same time, you should take the steps to address the anxieties, both mentally and physically. The process of working at it is just as important for your confidence as actually getting results.

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