Ask Away...: Don't Get Stuck On A Diet That Doesn't Work. The Slimming Cheats That Will Get You Stuck

Friday, December 9, 2016

Don't Get Stuck On A Diet That Doesn't Work. The Slimming Cheats That Will Get You Stuck

We all want to look our best, right? The media is forever putting pressure on to look our best. If films are anything to go by, it’s impossible to find Mr Right unless you look the part. And how are we supposed to look the part? Well, that’s the trouble. The trends seem to change so often that they’re impossible to keep up to date with. There are many cheats out there that promise to make us look our best, but few of them seem to stick. So what’s the truth, and how do can you tell the fads that won’t last? There has to be an easier way to understand what works and what doesn’t than giving it all a try. If you were to try every new idea that comes on the market, you’d be trying a new get slim method all the time. The truth is, diets and slimming plans barely ever work. It may be hard to accept, but it’s the truth. Nothing worth having was ever going to be that easy. To give you an extra hand, here’s a list of the cheats that don’t work.


Diets don’t work. At least, not the ones we’ve tried. The main trouble with diets is that they’re not sustainable. You can’t live on a diet for the rest of your life. Even successful diets stop working when you stop putting the effort in. As soon as you think you’ve turned your back on the diet world, a new craze appears that promises to be different. Rest assured that it will be just the same. Going on a diet is like putting a band-aid on a serious disease. You’re not going to see benefits if you don’t get to the real root of the problem. Every now and again, a diet will come along that will take the world by storm. After a few weeks, it disappears just like all the others. Do you know why? Because that one didn’t work either! All diets fail for the same reasons, no matter what guise they go under.

If you’re determined to go on a diet, the best thing you can do is join a dieting club. These have more sustainable results, if only because they follow things through. Having the support of an organization behind you means that you’re more likely to stick to your diet. Not to mention that the pressure of weekly weigh-ins adds the incentive to stick to your eating plan. It’s important to realize that this alone is why dieting clubs work. And, just like any other diet, your progress will still reverse the moment you stop putting in the effort. Even diet clubs are a temporary fix. If you want to see results that last, a diet isn’t the way to do it.


Closely linked to diets, but more focused on your body fitness than your diet, are fitness plans. You can buy all sorts of fitness DVDS and courses that promise to give you the bikini body you’ve always wanted. These have the bonus that they can get you into the habit of exercise, which is always good. Even so, they’re rarely worth the money you spend on them. The fitness plan world is an oversaturated one. Many celebrities release their versions. Don’t think you need to go out and buy them all. If you do want to follow the fitness plan route, find one that works for you and stick to it. Knowing what you want out of the plan is key to finding one that works.

Do a little research into which plans are worth the money you’ll be spending on them. Even if you stick with just one, you could end up spending a lot of money. Looking at the latest Kayla Itsines reviews, for example, will give you a more realistic grasp on whether it’s worth spending the money. What you find might just surprise you.


For those who are struggling to get to grips with diets, it might be tempting to go down the supplement route. The simple answer here is that you shouldn’t. Supplements are never the right way to go. Even more so than diets, these cover the problem without solving anything. They also have many side effects that you don’t have to put yourself through. If you find yourself tempted by the supplements in your local store, do a little research. Hearing about other people’s horror stories is sure to put you off the idea. Think, too, about the effect any chemical can have on your body. Pills and such are best avoided wherever possible. Don’t put things into your body when there’s no need!


So, we’ve looked at the things that don’t work. What does work? In truth, it’s much easier than the general media would have us believe. The trick to losing weight and looking the way you want is to eat right. Instead of depriving your body of what it needs, get into the habit of eating regular meals that are good for you. Exercise always works wonders, too. Get to grips with an exercise routine that works for you. Incorporate that with your new eating habits. You’ll see the effects in no time. It’s important you can sustain your choice, so take the time to get to grips with food and changing your habits. Changed habits last a lot longer than fads. Realise that you don’t have to starve yourself to achieve the look you want. In fact, starvation will have an adverse effect on your weight. The trick is to cut out processed foods and make your own wherever possible. Fresh is always best. Avoid fatty foods and sugar wherever possible. Get to grips with some tasty, healthy recipes, and incorporate them into your routine. Looking at your weight loss journey in this sensible light is much more likely to lead to success. Not to mention that you’ll feel a lot healthier for the changes!

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