Ask Away...: Glasses Are Cool Now And You Might Need Them

Monday, December 19, 2016

Glasses Are Cool Now And You Might Need Them

A lot has changed in the world of eyewear over recent years. Eye exams used to be a cause of dread for many, because the possibility of having to wear glasses was terrifying. It was embarrassing; glasses were worn by the ‘uncool’. The difference in the modern age is that people now want to be told they need glasses. They are a fashion symbol, and no longer the mark of ‘geekiness’ with which they used to be associated.

So what are the pros of glasses? Isn’t it enough to look after yourself and ensure you don’t strain your eyes through strenuous activities, such as staring at screens all day, or squinting at text far away; or, perhaps, nearby?

Yes to all of those questions. It is, of course, vital to look after the health of your eyes, as much as it is important to look after the health of your body as a whole. But this isn’t enough if you’re struggling with your eyesight, and you probably already know that. Still, you might be finding it hard to weigh up the pros and cons of wearing or not wearing glasses.

The most obvious reason you might need glasses is for poor eyesight.
Yes, this is something you already knew. Of course, it may not be something you realised actually applied to your eyesight. If you have trouble seeing, then, evidently, the solution to that problem is a pair of glasses. If you’ve been experiencing minor headaches or perhaps more severe migraines, then poor eyesight might be the explanation and wearing glasses could put an end to your pain. This is only one pro of many, of course.

If you truly want to know whether you need glasses, then it might be time to visit an eye center. You may have been for an eye test before, but it isn’t a case of checking your vision once and you know the answer for life.

Our bodies are changing constantly, and you wouldn’t want to leave other health checks to occasional visits; the health of your teeth, for instance. Well, your eyes are much the same. Your vision deteriorates over time, so it’s vital that you return for regular, frequent eye exams to ensure that nothing’s changed and you don’t need to wear glasses; or, alternatively, to check that you don’t need to buy a better pair, if your current ones are no longer sufficient.

This might seem like a pain, but it doesn’t have to be in the modern world. Why? Well, because...

Perhaps most importantly to the majority of us, wearing glasses is now a symbol of fashion.
It’s hard to say why things have changed in recent years, because glasses aren’t geeky anymore. They’re cool. Perhaps people just want to look smarter, and they’ve realised that isn’t something of which you should be ashamed. Whatever the case, being told you need glasses should be a cause of celebration!

They can protect you from harmful elements of nature, such as the sun.
Yes, you may have a cool pair of sunglasses already, but there are also prescription sunglasses designed with the purpose of also protecting your eyes against the sun. This, whilst also helping with vision, is also important for the health of your eyes.

So, there’s no need to fret. There are endless benefits in terms of both health and style when it comes to wearing glasses.

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  1. I have been wearing glasses since the 3rd grade.


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