Ask Away...: How to Plan an Inexpensive Formal Party

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How to Plan an Inexpensive Formal Party

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The idea of attending a formal party is something that many individuals like. However, hosting a formal party, and even sometimes attending a formal party, can be quite expensive. The following tips can help you if you are interested in planning a formal party.

One of the most expensive parts of hosting a formal party is finding an attractive venue that is not too expensive for your budget. Instead of using popular venues in the city where the party will be held, like hotel banquet halls, go with something that is a little bit outside of the box. For example, could you host the party in a park? What about a school gym? Or what about at a friend's home? Another idea would be to hire a company that sets up large tents. This may be a lot less expensive than using a popular venue site.

Another expensive part of hosting a formal party is the food. Planning a six course meal with expensive meats is not necessarily something that is going to be in everyone's budget. This is another area where you can think outside the box. Do you have some friends who are chefs or at least enjoy cooking? Could they help prepare some of the food? You can start couponing now and purchasing appetizer, beverage, and dessert ingredients. Get together with your friends in the days before the party and make food to serve. This will save you a lot of money.

Also, think about the clothes that you will wear. Going to a formal party means wearing formal clothing. However, this does not mean that you need to go to an upscale boutique in order to purchase an outfit. Look around at local thrift stores. You may be able to find something appropriate for the occasion. Have it dry cleaned before hand, and you will look like a superstar. If you are a woman, inexpensive prom dresses may be appropriate for the occasion. If you are really crafty, you may even try your hand at making your own dress for the party.

Other aspects of the party do not need to be expensive. Get your friends and family involved. Ask someone to organize the music and bring equipment from home to play it. Have other people help with decorations. The more people you get involved, the less it expensive it will be for you.

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