Ask Away...: Outdoor Features To Make Your Garden Great Again

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Outdoor Features To Make Your Garden Great Again


So you are a little bored with your garden, you go to lie in the sun, or to watch the stars and night, and it's not giving you the cosy feeling that you want it to... - Don't worry, there are plenty ideas that you can do to add that unique touch that's missing.

Stepping Stones
Why not add stepping stones in your garden? They add a touch of adventure and the kids will love them. You can buy them, or even use any large stones that you are able to find. If you're a creative person, you could funk them up with some paint too!

You probably never thought of having a fireplace in your garden, but this is a beautiful way to set the mood and bring you closer together. Whether you're having a dinner party or you just want to have a romantic night with your partner, outdoor fireplaces are a lovely way to set the tone for a wonderful evening.

Fairies, Gnomes and Mushrooms
Make your garden come to life with adding these special touches to the mix. Whether you want a magical look, or if you prefer to keep things subtle, you have enough choices out there to choose from. Nowadays you can even just by the shape of what you want, and you can decorate it however you want. If you have children, this is a fun activity you can do together.

You can either buy an already made fountain, or you can make them yourself (it's not as difficult as you would think.)
There are many cute fountains out on the market, whether you want it to be a stone feature, wood or precious metal. Choose whatever you think would look best in your garden.

Butterfly Feeder
This is a wonderful way to naturally attract wildlife to your garden. They drink nectar from our flowers, but if you take a container (something pretty), and just mix up a sugary solution with 7 parts water, 1 part sugar and/or honey, this will attract the butterflies in no time. Be sure to make a new solution every day.

Another way to attract wildlife is with a birdbath. These are great because you get to see the beautiful birds in their natural environment bathing themselves and each other. (It's really quite cute!)

If you want some pretty lighting in your garden, then mason jars are a great way to do this. These are really easy to find and don't cost much, just hang them up or place them somewhere nice on the grass or pavement and stick a candle in them. Because of the security of the jar, the wind won't be able to blow the candles out. Theses look extra lovely at night.

These ideas are a great start to turning your garden into the paradise that you deserve. There are many more ideas out there so get looking and see what suits you. Don’t forget to have fun, there are also loads of cool DIY garden decorations you can make too!

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  1. Fantastic ideas!! I miss gardening season, and there's a longgggg winter ahead of me before it's back again!!


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