Ask Away...: Save or Splurge? When To Scrimp And When To Spend

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Save or Splurge? When To Scrimp And When To Spend

Life can be full of so many twists and turns; many of which require financing. No matter how you take on the things that life throws at you, you have to get through them one way or another. It definitely helps to be optimistic (and flexible, if you can), but to also have a little faith.

We all want to keep our finances healthy, but sometimes you need to learn how to prioritise some things over others. It’s not always easy, but it’s important to work out what matters to you most. Luckily for us all, there are alternatives for when we can’t finance everything. We can save on some things, by taking them on ourselves, and spend on others, when the cause warrants it. But how do you decide? Hopefully these tips will help you.

On Your Home

It can often feel like our homes suck up all the extra cash we have. And while that can be the case, it doesn’t have to be. Sometimes, you can opt for DIY and save on calling in pricey professionals. You can do things like painting, or simple home improvements yourself. But some things require an investment - like surveys and moving. Not everyone has access to a truck, but we all have access to a cross country moving company.

On Your Car

Another area of life that we always seem to be investing in is our cars. Sometimes, things happen, and you have to call in the experts - doling out lots of cash in the process. But did you know that there are some car repairs that you can do yourself? Even if you don’t know your engine from your exhaust, you could save money by having a go.

On Your Children

We all want to invest in our children, but do they always have to be financial investments? Yes, you ought to start a trust fund or put some money away for their college education, but in everyday life, they don’t need to be a constant financial investment. Instead, invest in them emotionally. Care for them, support them, love them and nurture them. It will pay off more in the long run.

On Your Happiness

Along with having a happy and content family, it’s also important for you to be happy too. But your happiness can also be an area of life that you save money on. You can do more with less. Think about what makes you happy? Is it the little things in life or material possessions? If you do invest financially, invest in experiences. Things get forgotten about, but memories last a lifetime.

On Your Health

And last but certainly not least is your health - and the health of your family. You might want to make an investment in your healthcare, but you can also save on investing in other ways. Think about your current levels of health. Are you active? Do you eat a balanced diet? If not, these are changes that you can make to save on potential finances in the future. Invest in running shoes, join a gym - whatever you choose to do, it will show in your overall health.

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