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Thursday, January 26, 2017

All The Right Moves


Whether you’re buying your first home, upgrading to a bigger place with more space or simply leaving your rental pad, everyone seems to break the bank when it comes to moving home. There’s no particular reason why people always fall into the ‘we must fork out’ trap, but they do. However, whilst there are obviously some unavoidable costs when it comes to moving house, there are little tips and tricks you can learn to cut your costs significantly. Maybe you’ll be able to save enough to get yourselves that slightly too expensive housewarming gift you keep staring at online. Well that’s what we’re here to do. We’re here to pinch those pennies.

The Spring Clean
You have clutter. It’s a fact. Everyone has clutter of some sort or another (unless you a truly disciplined follower of minimalism, in which case you probably don’t have clutter). Well, this is your big chance to get those black bin liners out and start sorting through it all. As a tip, be ruthless. As another tip, don’t throw anything of your partner’s away without a quick check. Trust us. Anyway, a de-clutter will save you money. How? Simple. The less you have to move the less expensive it’s going to cost. What’s more, it could even be that you make yourself a little richer, either monetarily or morally. What we’re trying to say is, why not hold a yard sale full of all that stuff you don’t need or want. Or better yet, why not donate it to charity. It will make you feel great, if nothing else.

Don’t Pay For Stuff You Don’t Have To Pay For
This is a really long way of saying don’t pay for boxes. There is no point. And whilst two boxes may only cost you five bucks or something, twenty can soon rack up and make you gulp loud enough to scare a frog. So pop to the supermarket, or to your friends, or the corner shop and ask them if they have anything spare you could have.

The Removal Company
This is always a hit. Whether you just hire a van, or a man and a van, or you go with hiring a removals company; there is always a cost attached. So why not do your research on what the best prices are and then book in advance. Early bird discounts will make a big difference to your wallet, especially if you are Moving Interstate; that’s when organisation will be the first toast you make at your new local.

Can You Get Help?
It’s one of those things where ‘if you don’t buy a lotto ticket you ain’t gonna win’. So, if you are moving for work or business purposes, why not approach your boss and ask if they can help cover some of the moving costs. If they say yes, woohoo; it’s time to high-five and do a dance. If they say no, it’s not the end of the world. Depending on your location, you maybe able to deduct some of relocation expenses on your income tax return. Who knows, may be worth a quick call to an accountant.

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