Ask Away...: All The Things You Want To Know About Women Health But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Monday, January 30, 2017

All The Things You Want To Know About Women Health But Were Too Afraid To Ask

Let’s be honest, some things about women health can get a little embarrassing! Especially as they relate to some of our more private areas! But just like any other type of health, it can really help to stay informed about what to do if there is a problem or issue you want to sort out. So, read on to find out more.

Self checks

First of all, it is helpful to know how to check yourself for some of the most common diseases like breast cancer. It’s pretty simple, all you need to do is follow the guide here.

It’s vital that you know how to do this because breast cancer is very treatable when caught early. So you could potentially save your own life by performing these checks. If you are having trouble discerning whether there is an issue, you can also get a special glove that can help emphasizes any abnormalities can make them a lot easier to pick up.

You can also tell a lot by just looking at the breast, as pitting, fluid or some marks can be indicative of a problem that needs your doctor’s attention.

Weight Maintenance

Something also related to health that women, in particular, can struggle with is staying at a healthy weight. The problem isn't helped by the fact that there is so much pressure on a woman to be a certain size and weight these days. Add that to the hormonal changes that we experience every month, and as we get older, and it can seem like keeping your waist trim is an impossible task.

But it actually isn't. In fact, it is possible to maintain a healthy weight, although it will take a little work. Having a regular exercise routine can help a lot, as can watching what you eat.


Some women choose to attend slimming clubs to maintain their weight. While others, especially those suffering from PCOS, which can have a negative impact on your weight, choose to follow a low GI diet instead.


Although there have been trials for the male contraceptive pill recently, it is still primarily a female issue.

Some ladies prefer to use the contraceptive pill, which works by fooling the body into thinking it is in the early stage of pregnancy. This means it much less likely you will become pregnant.


Other women prefer to use things like a diaphragm, or a coil. A coil is a small device that is inserted into the body which makes it harder for an egg to become implanted in the womb. Although these are often only recommended if you are previously given birth as they can be quite painful to install and remove.


The menopause is another health issue that woman may want to know a lot more about. The Menopause is a stage in a woman's life when her reproductive ability is slowly tailing off. This means the body no longer releases as many eggs, so periods become less frequent.

It is also associated with other effects such as hot flushes and mood swings. Although many people take supplements or hormone replacement therapy to help with this. If menopause is something you want to know more about, you can read more about what to expect here.

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