Ask Away...: Cook Up A Storm In Your Kitchen: How The Heart Of Your Home Can Be So Much More

Monday, January 23, 2017

Cook Up A Storm In Your Kitchen: How The Heart Of Your Home Can Be So Much More

We all have that ideal home in mind that we are either trying to achieve right now or are hoping to someday. What that dream house looks like will differ between us all. Some will prefer ultra modern with a huge minimalism theme, while others will prefer something more traditional, more homely. Either way, there is one thing that is likely to be a uniform wish among us all - a killer kitchen.

A kitchen is always thought of as the heart of a home, and for a very good reason. We spend a lot of time in there. It’s where we prepare food to feed our families with, we laugh in their, cry in their and make memories in their too. So, you’d think that your kitchen could become more than just a place to cook, right? And it can. If you’ve always wanted to work on utilizing your kitchen for so much more, but you’ve never really know how here’s what you need to do.

Add A Dining Space

You may have already done this, but if you haven’t, it could be a complete game changer for your kitchen. It is nice to have a separate dining meal, but it can also be fun to have a dining space in your kitchen. Not only is it perfect for breakfast and snacks, but it can also often become a place that you sit and have coffee, take a moment's break, or talk about your day. There are so many ways that you can add a casual dining space into your kitchen; you just have to find one that suits your style.


When your kitchen is a room that you love in the home, you might find yourself spending a lot of time there. And, when you have a table to work from (or you do add in that dining space), it could become the perfect spot for your creative inspiration. Some people say that you should keep work in work environments, but not everyone can work like that. So, if you have a good view, play some soft music, grab some refreshments and get your brain in gear.

Store Away

No matter how big or small your kitchen is, it has the potential to be a great place for storage. A lot of the time, it has to be. When you have lots of kitchen equipment or a lot of food and supplies to store, you need to find a place for it somewhere, and the kitchen has got to be it’s home. So, take a look at some smart storage solutions and get to work. They could completely transform your kitchen life.

Create A Bar Area

Sometimes, you just need somewhere to have a good drink. If you’re not a big party person, then hitting a club is probably out of the question for you. But, if you’ve had some good news and you want to celebrate (or the opposite and you need to drown your sorrows), having a bar at home is the best option. If building a separate room doesn’t sound right, sneaking one into your kitchen is always a great idea. Then, you have a designated space for drinks, that’s perfect for the weekends or when friends come over.

Build A Coffee Station

If alcohol isn’t your cup of tea, or if it is but you love caffeine too, you’re going to want to think about adding a coffee station. Yes, you may have a kettle, or a coffee maker tucked away on the side somewhere, but shouldn’t your love of coffee get its own place? It’s also a very good idea if you work from home or you’re a stay at home mom, as you’ll find you use it more.

Provide A Home

When you have pets, you can often wonder where their main spot in the home should be. Well, it always seems like the kitchen is the perfect spot. Not only does it often have access to the yard so they can get out fast (we’re talking dogs and cats here), but they can often watch you cook and get to their food and water quick enough too.

Keep Everyone Organized

Even if your kitchen is super tidy and you’re not a big fan of having things lying around, it’s the perfect place to keep your family life in order. Get yourself a calendar and keep everything in one place - in the kitchen. You don’t even have to hang the paper kind if it doesn’t work with your style, you could pick up a uber chic chalkboard style instead. Then, make sure you have your appointments in order (sites like can help you out) and add them to the calendar for everyone to see.

Add A Snug

You might also want to think about adding in a snug. When the kitchen is the heart of your home, it’s hard not to want to spend a lot of time in there. Or, you might want somewhere to rest while you’re waiting for things to cook - or your kids might even want to chill and talk to you while you’re cooking away. Add on a space that can allow you to have a sofa, TV, fire, or more, giving you somewhere else in the home to rest and relax.

Entertain Away

A kitchen space is always perfect for entertaining. If you entertain often, you should start to think of your kitchen practically and work out how it can facilitate the entertaining side of your life. Maybe you need a bigger or additional dishwasher, or cooker space? Do you need a patio space? When you often entertain, putting function first will always help you.

Be Smart

And, of course, while you’re working on transforming your humble kitchen into a wonder kitchen, you might want to work on making it smarter. What appliances do you need to speed up your cooking? Could storage make your cooking time more efficient? Although you want the space to multitask, you should also ensure it’s at the top of its game when it comes to actually cooking.

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  1. I love having a coffee bar in my house.


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