Ask Away...: Did You Know Baking Cookies Could Sell Your Home?

Friday, January 6, 2017

Did You Know Baking Cookies Could Sell Your Home?

These days the housing market’s tougher than ever so it’s vital that you use every trick in the book to get your property sold as quickly as possible. It’s currently a buyers market, yet again house prices are dropping, so you want to make your house look as attractive as possible to get the most value you can.

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Give It A Fresh Coat

We’re not saying decorate the entire house with new curtains, carpets or furniture, as most of the time as soon as the old owners move out and the new ones move in it’s all change. New homeowners like to put their stamp on things, removing colours they don’t find pretty, remodelling kitchen’s they think are out of date and mixing up the flooring to create a better hallway. Not only will a coat of neutral paint look glossy, fresh and inviting it’ll hide any scuffs or marks as well as helping the place seem bigger and lighter. Potential buyers like those with Homestead Financial can imagine living somewhere with cream, sand or cotton colored walls much easier than living in a house where they’re a violent shade of purple.

Declutter Not Depersonalise

If your house is full of bits and pieces, kids toys and endless family photos then you may want to give it to a friend to look after, or better still, pop anything you don’t need into the loft for now. When people walk in they need to imagine living there, having their own sofa by the window and their own books on the shelves, so it’s important you don’t distract them with too many objects. Don’t remove everything as you should leave some personality, people are interested in others lifestyles and any questions pertaining to furniture, or artwork will help to build up a good, friendly rapport.

Think Light And Airy

Mirrors give the illusion of space so place them in strategic positions around the house but try not to make them look obvious. For example, source an antique sunburst mirror to hang in the living room, not only does it look beautiful but it’ll bounce the light around the space beautifully. Clean all windows and doors so they appear fresh, new and pleasant to look out of as well as setting the stage for prospective buyers to see how lovely the garden’s looking.

Scent Your Way To Success

Cookies, bread, cakes what do they all have in common? They smell absolutely delicious while bringing back fond memories of watching your mom bake. Pleasant smells like cakes, coffee and spiced cinnamon lattes will give the impression of cosiness, warmth and life inside the house. On the other hand, no one wants to live in a house where the kitchen smells, the drains are clogged or the sheets look grimy and unwashed so if there’s anything dirty, sticky or smelly around the house then make sure you get rid of it asap. If you’ve been smoking inside the house and it’s noticeable don’t panic. Simply place bowls of vinegar or lemons in areas where the smoky smell is strong, and they’ll help to remove any stale cigarette smoke.

Flickr Image From: Jason Pratt

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