Ask Away...: Not Been Taking Care Of Your Hands And Nails? Here's How You Can Start!

Friday, January 6, 2017

Not Been Taking Care Of Your Hands And Nails? Here's How You Can Start!

When it comes to beauty and personal care, most of us pay attention to just a few very specific areas. This normally involves primarily the face and the hair, meaning that most of our money goes on makeup and hair products. If we are going to venture to any other part of our body, perhaps some of us pay some slight attention to any areas where we perhaps have cellulite, if we are going to be wearing a particularly revealing outfit. Therefore, one area that most of us tend to neglect is our hands. We have our hands on display every single day of our lives, and use them more than we think; either for basic tasks or for gesticulating as we speak. As they are usually exposed to the elements, they can also tend to age quicker than other parts of our bodies. So, with this in mind, isn't it about time you started taking care of your hands and nails?

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Cuticle care

If you've ever been for a professional manicure, you will probably have experienced some form of cuticle treatment. But in your own routine at home, it's likely that you miss them out entirely. In fact, you may not even know what your cuticles are. Take a look at your nails and note the white arch at the base of each one. The skin that meets that part of the nail is known as the cuticle. You may find that it is peeling or gradually creeping up the nail. Taking care of your cuticles means that you set the base for promoting healthy nail growth, so it can be worth investing in some creams, clippers and toils to keep them in good condition.


We put our hands through a lot on a daily basis. This could be manual work that we have to do, or could be simple tasks like washing the dishes. These types of things mean our hands are constantly exposed to cold weather, heat and different chemicals, meaning they can soon become prematurely aged. This is why it can be worth getting hold of some lotions that help to replenish the moisture in your hands. You can get free worldwide delivery on many hand creams and if used regularly, you will see a real difference in the appearance of your skin.

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There is just something about having your nails done that makes you feel - well, a bit more like a girl! Beautifully painted nails act as the finishing touch to many an outfit and you can change them according to your mood. You can go classic with a French manicure, or bold with a block color. Some people choose nail art whilst others prefer to keep it simple. Prone to chipping your nail polish within seconds of having it applied? False nails have once again grown in popularity due to their long-lasting effects. Acrylics are widely used, but new technology such as gel nails are also becoming a popular choice as well. You can either see a professional to give you false nails or apply them at home yourself.

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