Ask Away...: Queen Of Fitness: Level Up Your Fitness Program For Better Results

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Queen Of Fitness: Level Up Your Fitness Program For Better Results

For many, the new year started with fitness resolutions, or maybe continued with the resolutions of the previous year combined with a stronger sense of motivation. Getting fit is hard work indeed! Even though you might think that you are already doing everything to take back control over your body, there may be more things that you could be doing to achieve better results. Here are some of the best fitness tips around to help you reach your goals.

Find Food Supplements To Support Your Fitness Goal

There is no denying that a significant part of fitness resolutions come back to the choice of a healthy diet. You probably know that getting rid of sweet temptations, such as biscuits and little snacks, is one of the first steps that you should take. It is likely that you have already gone through your cupboards and remove any naughty packet. You are probably already focussing your diet on healthier portions too. But it is now important that you look at how to help your body control your sugar level in blood. This is especially important if you were used to a less healthy diet in the past. Indeed, fitness diets are often built around the consumption of lean protein, vegetables and fresh fruits, and insist on reducing processed foods that are full of fat and sugar. However, what they fail to mention is that the absorption of calcium, and especially calcium supplements, actively help reduce your level of sugar in the blood by helping to control your insulin level. You can research what people say about effective supplements online, such as AlgaeCal reviews, for example, to get a better idea of this process.

Release Your Full Fitness Power

When you’ve decided to start a fitness program. It is essential that you fully accept it and do everything in your power to get the best possible results. In short, if you are going for a fitness-friendly lifestyle, you should make the most of your fitness resolutions. Just exercising while eating healthy foods is not enough to reach your goals. You should make sure that you have the best possible support around you. For example, most people who work with a personal trainer to coach them tend to not only find more motivation in their program, but also achieve better results in a faster time. This is because you suddenly become accountable for your performance and that you are more likely to work harder. When it comes to working harder, high-intensity trainings and weightlifting are a must do for all fitness addicts. They are hard to maintain, but this is an effort that will pay rapidly!

Get A Fitness App

While there are plenty of fitness apps around, it’s good to understand what they bring to you. More than a way to monitor your efforts, especially if you are using a device such as a Fitbit watch for example, an app can keep you motivated by allowing you to monitor the evolution of your performance as well as by comparing yourself to your friends. This is the best way to staying focussed! Additionally, for many, the gamification solution that serves as a reward system is a great motivation: Indeed, everybody likes to receive a medal, even if it’s via an app!

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  1. I love my fitbit.

  2. I was so much more accountable when I had a fitness app. I def need to get on it. Thanks for the tips :)

    1. I know honestly it really helps me keep myself in check. When i dont use it, i notice i go crazy in my bad habits haha


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