Ask Away...: The Best Things for Your Kitchen Refurb since Sliced Bread

Friday, January 27, 2017

The Best Things for Your Kitchen Refurb since Sliced Bread

Whether you’ve just moved into your first home, been there for twenty years or even been there for sixty years, there are always improvements that can be done. That’s not because your home isn’t up to scratch; no, quite the opposite actually: it means your house deserves to remain up to scratch and on trend. A place that is seemingly in a constant state of refurb is the kitchen. Maybe it’s because there are always new appliances brought out by companies: like state-of-the-art refrigerators and super-duper washing machines that can wash absolutely everything and anything (except any of the drunken mistakes you’ve ever made, unfortunately)? Whatever the reason, your kitchen has probably recently been, or is in need of, a refurb; here are just a few of the things that really should be in there if you’ve already done it, and should go in there if you're planning to, to make sure that you've made all the right moves when it comes to home improvements.

A Blender

One way to target your bad habit of missing meals, especially breakfast, is by choosing to lead a blended lifestyle. Not only does it mean having to spend less time doing food prep, saving your kitchen from any messiness, but once you have finished your blended concoction, you will more than likely be full. If blended at the right thickness, blended smoothies can be almost food like. If blended extremely thick it is possible to even ‘chew’ the smoothie and maybe even eat it with a spoon. This allows the digestive enzymes in the mouth to pre-initiate digestion, resulting in a feeling of fullness not too dissimilar to that you feel after a three-course meal, only done a lot faster and a lot easier. There is a lot of scientific proof that vouches for the intake of nutritious smoothies as well. If you have a green smoothie, for instance, you can easily get your five a day in, weight loss is easier (click here to see the facts), your immune system is boosted and you are provided with natural energy, rather than caffeine or sugars. Also, blending doesn’t have the impact on your blood sugar as other options do, such as juicing. Fibre is one great way to lower the glycemic index of a food, and juicing eliminates just about every shred of fibre, whilst blending doesn’t.

But, as previously mentioned, in regards to your kitchen (and that’s why you’re here, right?) blenders cut down on making your brand new kitchen messy as they produce little waste. Cleaning up after using a blender is unparalleled to any other type of food preparation as it won’t leave heaps and heaps of washing up to do, or won’t fill your room with that horrible dishwasher smell. Blenders such as the Vitamix 5200 prevent spills, which subsequently means the retaining of all the nutritious content you put in there in the first place as well as any averting any waste. Click here for an in depth review.


Undercabinet lighting

Daylight is great, but there is also a need for proper artificial lighting in a kitchen. Good-quality undercabinet lighting helps lighten and brighten a kitchen and, practically speaking, it provides crucial task lighting for meal prep and cleanup. It also serves as a good night light for all those times when you really fancy a mid-night snack.


Warming drawer

Most warming drawers range in size from 27 to 30 inches wide and 11 to 12 inches high, which means they tend to be sized to fit above or below a wall oven. They heat up quickly (a good thing, considering their name and purpose) because of their relatively small size. This means they are perfect for keeping food warm as you assemble other parts of the meal as well as warming up your plates before you serve dinner, meaning every dinner time in your house is now done to restaurant standards.

Stand-alone ice maker

Ice makers that come with refrigerator-freezers often have a small capacity, so if your household is planning on getting through a lot of ice in the summer that will be upon us before you know it (although it doesn’t exactly feel that way at the moment), you might want to invest in a stand-alone ice maker.

So, there you have it. Just four things that you can add to your kitchen that is newly refurbished, or awaiting a refurb, in order to make your experiences in there a lot easier, and to make your life easier.

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