Ask Away...: The Hidden Powers of Human Beings - When Magic Becomes Real

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Hidden Powers of Human Beings - When Magic Becomes Real

Science can’t explain everything. Naturally, there is no denying that in one hundred years’ time or more the human grasp of science will have changed and will be able to explain more than it can today, but there is also the conviction that there are certain things that even science will never be able to explain. Indeed, there are people who have what you might call super powers. They can’t fly with a fancy cape, nor can they turn themselves into green muscle giants when they are angry, but they have abilities that are superhuman. It could be difficult to explain at first but bear with it. Maybe you too have hidden powers! Here’s how to find out what your secret weapon might be.

You Always Have A Special Luck

Are you that type of person who can always find a free space in a crowded town to park the car? And, when people ask you how you do it, all you can find to reply is that you simply knew you would because you believed in your lucky. This could be your super power! For many like you, this is called visualizing, and it’s part of building a happier life for themselves. For others, this is the eternal power of luck. You may well be the luckiest person they know! But how do you do it? For a start, you believe in your luck. On a side note here, you should know that in old English the word for luck and the word for happiness were the same. There was no conception of one without the other, and this is what your belief in luck intuitively is based on. Being grateful for what you have in life is also a key element of luck, or happiness if you prefer - remember that these are the same thing. But luck goes beyond this simple behavior. There is no luck without a plan, however silly that might sound: Indeed, having a plan for everything that happens to you means that you are prepared for all possibilities. This might be the first time that organization is synonymous with happiness, but there is some truth in it. It also implies that you naturally can accept whatever life throws at you and to turn it into something better. Bitter lemons can always become a delicious lemonade for happy-lucky people! Finally, while you have plans for all the most possible events, you still live your life day after day, making the most of the present in ways that others envy.

You Seem To Have A Special Knowledge

Have you already gone to the door and knew who was ringing before you had to open? Don’t let people call you a freak, for you have a super power: You might be psychic. If you have ever wondered about it and how to tell if you have psychic abilities, you might want to look at the facts. There is a variety of psychic abilities. You could experience visions or dreams that tend to come true, for example. Or maybe you can read people’s minds: You might not have noticed it, but if you find yourself finishing your friends’ sentences and being able to answer questions before they even ask, this is because you’re psychic. Or you might have a feeling of déjà vu even when you go to places that you have never visited before. All of these can indicate the presence of a super power. So don’t fear it and embrace your abilities!

You Always Have A Special Feeling About Things And People

Do you have the impression that you are made only of emotions, and that you can understand people’s pains and feelings at a deeper level than anybody else? This may be true. Being highly sensitive is nothing to be ashamed about: This is your superhuman power. When others think that you get upset too easily or that you are too sympathetic, they don’t realize that you can process deeper emotions and higher sensorial information than they have access to. Your nervous and emotional systems can get overstimulated if compared to the rest of the population, but the emotional reactivity and empathy that inhabit you make you a better person. Being highly sensitive, to sensations and emotions, means that you can get more easily in touch with others and with the life all around you. You are in perfect tune with what people need, and consequently, it’s no surprise that most people like you find pleasure in careers that are artistic, educational, or caring.

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  1. I have a friend who totally has these abilities- I call her the oracle! Haha. Great read, lady!

    Le Stylo Rouge

    1. thats so awesome!!! have a great weekend :)


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