Ask Away...: Be A Leader, Not A Follower: Rewriting The Fashion Rule Book

Friday, February 10, 2017

Be A Leader, Not A Follower: Rewriting The Fashion Rule Book

Are you a dedicated follower of fashion? If so, it may be time to rip up the rule book and celebrate your individual style. Fashion is a form of art, but there are certain factors, which influence the way we dress, and sometimes, they can guide us in a direction we don’t want to take. How often have you worn something simply because it’s en vogue? If you’re sick of trying to tick the boxes and create Instagram-worthy looks, here are some hints to help you be a leader, not a follower.

Choose the trends you love
If you read glossy magazines or you watch catwalk shows, you’ll know that every season, there’s an array of trends on display. Within days of the models stepping off the runways, magazines and blogs are publishing lists of the looks we must try in the coming weeks. When it comes to fads in fashion, it’s important to choose only the looks you love. You don’t have to go out in a nautical pinafore just because naval chic is all the rage. If you don’t like certain looks, ignore them, and devote your time to options that appeal to you. Perhaps you love sport luxe items, you dig the military trend, or you’re passionate about anything with a hint of the 70’s or 80’s.

Stick to clothing that suits your body shape and your personality
When you’re indulging in some retail therapy, use your heart, not your head. Don’t think about whether you’re ticking off every possible trend for spring/summer 2017. Focus on what you like. Fashion is a great way of celebrating your individuality. It’s also essential to bear in mind what suits you, and what makes you feel comfortable. Just because everyone in Hollywood is wearing bandage dresses, this doesn’t mean that you have to go to your next party in one if you don’t feel confident. Sometimes, things that are fashionable don’t suit everyone. If you hate the thought the wearing lycra bodysuits or high-waisted shorts, leave the 80’s behind, and try something different.

Have fun
How often do you waste time stressing about what to wear? Fashion should be fun, so try to avoid overthinking everything, and go with the flow. Put your stamp on each outfit, and try new things. If you love skinny jeans, for example, but you don’t want to look the same as everyone else, unleash your creativity and imagination and do something different. If you’re a maestro with a needle and thread, consider investing in this computerized sewing machine, and you can create custom-made jeans, jackets, dresses, and tops. You can add beading, badges, or patches or even make your own clothing.

You’ve probably come across the phrase slave to fashion. The thing about fashion is that it’s versatile and multi-dimensional. You don’t have to follow a single set of rules. You can mix and match trends, bypass them completely, or take them and put your own spin on them. Have fun with fashion, stick to items that suit you, and celebrate your individuality.

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