Ask Away...: Budgeting Calories: The True Cost Of Weight Loss

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Budgeting Calories: The True Cost Of Weight Loss

Do you dream of a magical pill that you will only need to pop to get rid of all excess fat? Wouldn’t it be nice? Before we all start dreaming of a future world where weight loss can be sorted out with a single pill or a click of a mouse, it’s time to go back to the harsh and cold reality: There is no miracle pill. Weight loss is a long and demanding process that can take anything from weeks to years to happen. Indeed, you have to invest a lot of time and efforts into shaping your body to the ideal that you want. But there’s more than just hard work. Losing weight is also a financial investment in your body, and, let’s make this clear from the start, it’s not always an inexpensive investment. Each calorie you’ve gained through unhealthy habits, disease, or even stress might cost you just as much to get rid of. There is no denying that this is an essential investment in your future self and a better lifestyle. But you need to be aware of the cost of a slimmer or fitter you before you begin your fitness journey. Nothing comes for free, indeed!

An Unfair Gender Affair

Men and women both want to trim their body and lose weight. However, the human biology and physiology are naturally unfair: Men tend to burn fat a lot quicker than women. Indeed, men are bigger and have a higher muscle mass, which facilitates fat burn - muscle cells consume more calories to be maintained than fat cells. While women can’t change their size, they can increase their fat-to-muscle ratio by looking at a strength training. But here again, nature is unfair: Women don’t build muscle as quickly as men, which is due to the lack of male hormones such as testosterones. In short, women will need to train harder and longer before seeing any results to their toning and fat loss workouts. There’s an essential element here as well, which relates to your natural Body Mass Index, or BMI. Indeed, more and more women and young women use a BMI calculator to define their ideal weight. Unfortunately, the calculator doesn’t differentiate fat and muscle mass, nor does it look at fat distribution in your body. In short, don’t try to match the ideal BMI calculation: It isn’t a reflection of your health. To sum up, your fitness journey can begin with an unfair disadvantage, depending on your gender and your BMI calculation.

The Cost Of A Program

It is not uncommon for people who want to develop healthy fitness habits to look for a fitness program or a workout that will help them to make the most of their body. Indeed, it can be difficult for an amateur to develop an effective fitness regime: You are missing knowledge on muscle build, stretching, flexibility and mobility, and this is exactly why you need a personalized workout. You might have come across workout names, such as Tabata process or the max workout for example - if they sound unfamiliar read this max workout review to find out more about it. But unfortunately, most workouts that are said to be effective don’t come for free. They will require you to buy the DVD or to register to the website to gain access to the training methods. Additionally, if you choose to maximize your efforts, you can also hire the services of a personal coach who will keep you focused on your training at a rather high cost. When you get the bill at the end of the month, you know you’ve got no excuse not to lose weight, at least only to save money in the long term!

The Cost Of Training

Training too does not come for free. If you want to invest in your fitness level, these are costs that you need to add to your household budget for the duration of your training. Naturally, you will start by looking at comfortable and breathable fitness clothes, as they will be an essential part of your workout. Don’t save money here as you need good quality shoes and clothes to train effectively. But remember that most workouts, whether you choose to train at home or the gym will require fitness gear. If you train at home, you know that you are avoiding the cost of signing up to your local gym. In truth, you are merely replacing these with the cost of a treadmill, and weights, or maybe a rowing machine and a boxing sack. In short, training has a cost, that is necessary but that you need to budget over a period.

The Cost Of Performance Tracking Gear

There is no point training and working on your fitness levels if you don’t have any mean of measuring your performance. At this stage of your fitness journey, it’s important to note that you would have already embraced the idea of investing in a personalized workout solution and fitness gear. Consequently, it appears natural to add the tracking equipment that will keep you focused on your goal. More often than not, tracking comes at a cost, whether you are tracking your calorie burn or your meals. You can find free alternatives. However, they tend to offer additional follow-ups if you pick the premium version, whether you are working with a calorie tracker or a jogging app. While this is a great motivation to see how you are doing, it could also be perceived as an unnecessary cost. After all, do you need to know how many calories are burnt during your sleep to lose weight? Unfortunately, charts and data are part of the digital management of a human life: Many are lost without a good chart, however pointless it might be.

The Cost Of Fitness Food

Last, but not least, your fitness journey also needs specific fitness diet, which includes meals that you need to prepare or can order in advance. As if this wasn’t enough, you can find food supplements to help you lose more weight. While there is no miracle pill, vitamins, and healthy fat are essential to support your weight loss journey and provide your body with everything it needs. High-protein health food can make a significant hole in your budget.

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