Ask Away...: DIY (Do It Yourself) or LIB (Leave It Be)?

Monday, February 20, 2017

DIY (Do It Yourself) or LIB (Leave It Be)?

Nowadays, people like to think that they can turn their hand to anything. The growing trend of DIY and  the need to be frugal is on the rise, but who can blame those who indulge in it? Jobs around the home can cost big money, and that’s just getting the tools needed rather than hiring in the help. Bills can add up dramatically, especially if it’s following the purchase of a new home. However, there are some jobs which you do just need to leave to the professionals to save on further cash having to be shelled out to correct what’s gone wrong - or to save your sanity and your health.  


If you’re not too au fait with a paintbrush or don’t know how to lay a roll of wallpaper correctly, definitely consider hiring somebody to do it - even if it’s just a skilled friend. Getting a paint job right can be the difference between spending hours and days doing it. This is an essential spend if you are a parent and don’t have the ability to juggle managing your children and getting the job done quickly; it’s quite a time-consuming effort, and if you have kids to tend to or running around you, then it just won’t be done properly. It’s a relatively easy thing to do if you’ve done it before and know how, but if it’s your first time then don’t try unless you’re open to the idea of redecorating again to cover any mistakes that may be made.


Any remodelling work should definitely be left to a professional if it’s not something you have touched on before. There are great how-tos floating about on the internet for your perusal, but a mis-measurement of even just a few millimetres could see your project coming to a massive halt and more money being spent to fix the problem. If you use home improvement contractors to do the job, they will have had years of experience and it’s their name put to the work that they’ve done; most, if not all, have reliable insurance to cover any mishaps.

Plumbing and Wiring

People usually learn a trade over several years, from being an apprentice or going to college. This is especially true of plumbers and electricians, who know where the next drip or spark is going to come from. Unless you have extensive background knowledge of how to get the job done correctly, it’s really not worth bothering yourself with. The things that could potentially go wrong are far too many, especially if it’s being done by somebody who only has half an idea of what they’re doing. The risk of flood and electrocution are only two of the hazards of not getting the job done properly; the others which aren’t as serious include not fitting the right pipes and parts so having leaks or slow-running water, if it runs at all, and getting the wiring wrong so that the fuses in everything blow or just don’t work at all. They’re tricky and learned trades for a reason - let’s leave them to the professionals.

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