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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Entertain Children Without Technology

Nowadays, it is easy to entertain children with all the developments in technology that we have at our fingertips. If a child wants to watch something on TV, that can easily be sorted out, or if a child wants to play a game on the Internet, that too is something which can easily be done. However, what happens if - when you are looking after children or your own children are indoors - that there is an electrical shortage or for some reason the TV or internet won’t work. It may seem far fetched for these things to happen in today’s modern world, but there is always the possibility of these causing problems within a household. On the other hand, if you would prefer not to use technology for just a day or two then there are plenty of things that will keep children entertained.


Cardboard boxes are a super cheap and accessible item to use for a child’s entertainment. A cardboard box can be anything the child can imagine it to be - a car, a space ship, a boat, or a strange animal! All that needs to be done is to fashion the box into whatever shape the child wants, and they can then colour it in or stick things to it to add to their imaginary game. However, be aware if you have pets as animals such as cats and dogs adore cardboard boxes, too. They hide in them, play in them, and if a child is afraid of a pet or has an allergy, do some research on to search for a toy that your pet can play with while the cardboard box is out of bounds.

A classic game of hide and seek is always popular with children. The premise is simple, and any child can easily pick it up. Just make sure, when playing the game, that children can’t lock themselves in cupboards or rooms and that trip hazards are put away and stored somewhere safe.

Board games are also a great way to entertain children. These type of games can be intuitive and allow children to develop skills such as co-ordination, math skills and even communication skills. Board games can be bought for cheap from second hand stores. You may even find some in the attic that you forgot about - or you could even ask a neighbour if they have a game or two you could borrow for the afternoon.

When looking after children, it is essential to allow them to enjoy whatever they are doing. If you aren’t a parent of the child, do not force them to not watch TV or use the Internet, as that is what they are probably used to doing at home and are allowed to do so. However, it is a possible good idea to show them how to have fun while at your home without using modern technology. If you do decide to do that, you can guarantee their parents will thank you for opening their child’s mind up to different possibilities.

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