Ask Away...: Four Pre-Wedding Moments You’ll Treasure Forever

Monday, February 20, 2017

Four Pre-Wedding Moments You’ll Treasure Forever

Don’t think that all the excitement, tears and magical memories happen on the wedding day itself as there are plenty of moments in the run up you’ll want to celebrate. From booking that impossible to get venue, finalising guest lists and deciding what your color scheme is, to going dress shopping with your bridesmaids and booking hair and makeup there are countless little wedding planning triumphs that’ll leave you speechless!

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Sending Out Invitations

Despite all your planning it probably won’t seem real until you finalise the guest list and start sending out your wedding invitations. Handwritten messages look much nicer and give them that extra personal touch even if it’s just the names you write yourself. If you’ve hired a professional designer, they may have a calligrapher on staff that’ll make your
personalised wedding invitations look even more unique. Take time to proofread every invite, menu card and information sheet to make sure you don’t send out any with spelling mistakes or grammar errors. If you’ve DIY’d them check everything is stuck or glued firmly in place. Post them together somewhere quiet, like a local post box so you can take as long as you need.

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Menu Tasting

Knowing what you’re going to be eating on your wedding day is really important in case of any food allergies or particular flavour combinations you don’t like. Lots of venues offer tasting sessions, where you narrow down your choices to two starters, mains and desserts plus different wines and decide yourselves which tastes the best. It’s also a fantastic time for you and your fiancé to have a chat about non-wedding stuff, plus giving yourselves permission to relax and enjoy the afternoon together while weighing up the pros and cons of chocolate orange mousse cake, raspberry panna cotta, and creme brûlée.

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Final Dress Fitting

This is it! The moment where you’ll truly feel like a bride while wearing the most beautiful dress you've ever owned in your life. Remember to take a handkerchief; there will be happy tears shed, your wedding shoes, bridal underwear, jewellery and veil to your final dress fitting as well as a colour swatch of your bridesmaid's dresses. Having had a makeup / hair trial you should have a good idea of how you’ll look, so now’s the time for any last minute tweaks before your wedding dress is steam cleaned and hung up to 'breathe' before the big day.

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Your Last Night

We can’t tell you how you’ll feel right before your wedding although we bet it’ll be a combination of excitement, nerves, and unending happiness. Try to have a quiet one, depending on what time your ceremony starts you may be having a very early wake-up call indeed! Many brides spend their final night as a 'miss' with their families, either having travelled home for the wedding or their loved ones joining them a couple of days beforehand. Allow yourself one, or two glasses of champagne and have a light dinner before going to bed early. You may not sleep much, but it’s better to try and get some rest than worrying about last minute details that’ll end up taking care of themselves.

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