Ask Away...: How to Provide Financial Security for You and Your Family

Friday, February 24, 2017

How to Provide Financial Security for You and Your Family

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Every parent wants to provide freedom and security for their family. Financially, we want to find the best way to ensure a happy, stable household, but we don’t always know how. To ensure stability for your loved ones’ futures, here’s some tips to keep in mind.

Have an Emergency Fund

Sometimes in life, things happen that are beyond our control. Cars break down, teeth need fixing and home appliances need replacing. Don’t let incidents like these set you back. Setting aside some emergency money will allow you to handle these situations as stress free as possible. Start by saving $200 a month for your emergency fund, or at least save 3-6 months wages. Easy access accounts are great for emergency saving plans. Always make sure you’re debt free before you begin setting any serious money aside.

Take Out Life Insurance

Although saving up is incredibly important, it just doesn’t cut it when it comes to family security. You need a plan B for extra support. Protect your family from some of the worst case scenarios by taking out insurance. Trusted and long time servicing companies like Banner Life insurance will cover your family in the worst situations. Having life insurance will mean your debts will be paid off. With insurance support your family won’t have to be liable for financial responsibilities like mortgage payments.

Have a Retirement Plan

When it comes to retiring and old age, you want to start planning for your future, so that you’re financially independent from your kids. Start by making a simple retirement plan to figure out how much money you should be saving for things like health care. Make a clear assessment of your income and expenses. Think about where you want to live your retirement years.

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Spend Less Than You Earn

This might seem like an obvious statement to make, but it’s crucial if you want to ensure your family’s financial stability. Avoid credit cards and interest free loans that lead you to lose control of your outgoings. Live within your means so you won’t end up in a tricky situation where you’ve landed yourself in debt. One way to make some extra earnings is to set up an eBay account and sell any unwanted items and clothing. Start collecting vouchers and coupons where you can, when planning family days out. Look for areas where you can afford to cut down on your spending. Take a packed lunch to work, or start bulk cooking your meals.

Ask the Experts

If you’re not very efficient at money handling, then it might be a good idea to seek a specialist. Working with a financial expert will help you to gain control of your finances and work out a financial plan to suit you and your family’s needs. Before requesting the help of a family financial advisor, make a quick list of all your needs. Whether you want to focus on retirement planning, or saving for your children’s future, they will provide you with the advice you need.

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  1. These are such important tips, thanks for sharing! Things can change so easily so you need to plan ahead financially!

  2. Great tips! Loved reading your tips <3

    x Merel


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