Ask Away...: How To Wear Everything Curvy Girls Are Told Not To!

Thursday, February 9, 2017

How To Wear Everything Curvy Girls Are Told Not To!

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When it comes to plus size fashion there seem to be tons of rules that larger ladies are expected to follow or gasp, you’ll look, dare we say it, fat. Women are supposed to have curves, including a waist, hips, and chest, so one of the coolest outfits you can wear is confidence! If you feel beautiful on the inside then you’ll automatically look good on the outside. Being at peace with who you are is far better than an entire wardrobe of cute, flirty, designer fit and flare dresses.

Cozy Capes

Larger ladies are often told to avoid anything that’ll make them look bigger than they are, and voluminous capes and blanket wraps do have a lot of material. However, paired with the right jeans, top and skirt combo or dress capes look gorgeous and can really help pull an outfit together. Capes are also ideal for spring when the weather’s not quite warm enough to wear just a jumper but the idea of wearing a full on padded coat just seems crazy.

Striped Dresses

There hundreds of magazine articles out there on how to wear, and not to wear stripes which seems a bit like overkill to us. Instead of focusing on the pattern, be it stripes, dots, or wavy lines look at the fit and choose a loose, flowing dress with a little extra room in it. Plus size sites are great for finding clothes that not only give you a great silhouette but you won’t be worried about material pulling across your stomach. Don’t think that dresses are just for warm weather either! Why not pop a thin, roll neck jumper or blouse underneath to mix things up a little? You won’t be cold, plus you’ll feel like you’re wearing a pinafore dress which is currently one of fashion’s hottest trends.

Layered Bodycon

Embrace the athletic wear trend and wear a bright, bold bodycon dress with a thin hoody, leggings and high top trainers. The idea here is to layer your look, using thin light materials, so you don’t create a boxy or round silhouette and picking clothes that’ll highlight your best features i.e. your hips or waist without hiding the rest of you. Even when it comes to plus size fashion don’t be afraid to wear a crop top over a thin vest top and athletic trousers, like yoga pants or tight cycling gear as it’ll look very cool paired with the right jacket.

Leather Leggings

We know you probably don’t usually see curvy girl and leather leggings in the same sentence, but it’s entirely possible to wear them. The key to wearing tight trousers is to know what shape suits you and then find a pair with just a little extra give in them. Faux leather leggings can actually be quite stretchy especially if they've been made with elastane panels so don’t worry about squeezing them over your hips. If they’re the right size, they’ll fit you like a glove. Why not wear them with chunky, ankle boots? Critics say they’ll make your calves look bigger but again pick the right size and you’ll be strutting your stuff in no time!

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