Ask Away...: Learn To Love Your Body. Because No Other Relationship Is As Important

Monday, February 6, 2017

Learn To Love Your Body. Because No Other Relationship Is As Important

If we’re honest, not many of us are 100% happy with our bodies. Thanks to unrealistic expectations set upon us by media, and our own minds, it can be hard to find body satisfaction. Too many of us shy away from embracing beauty, and hide our bodies away as much as possible. The worse you feel about your body, the less beautiful you appear to the world. The golden truth is, no matter what body type you have, confidence is what leads to beauty. But, knowing that doesn’t change how you feel. Have you had enough of not loving your body? Here are some tips on how you can come to terms, and even learn to love, the way you look.


When was the last time you stood naked in front of a mirror? When we don’t like our bodies, we avoid looking at them. The trouble is, it’s through looking at our bodies that we learn to love them. Next time you have the house to yourself, go to the much-feared, full body length mirror. Take off your clothes, and spend some time looking at yourself. It may be uncomfortable but stay with it. Look at your whole self. Acknowledge the parts you don’t like. Think about how you would view your body if it belonged to somebody else. Let go of your hatred and embrace the way you look! Do this often to build your self love.


As you return to looking at yourself, significant problems will make themselves known. After you’ve been looking for a while, turn your attention to problems that still bother you. You’ll be more familiar with your curves and quirks by now. With any luck, there won’t be so many things bothering you. Even so, some problems may remain. It’s important you recognize them so you can take further action.


Once you’ve recognized recurring problems, decide what to do about them. You’ll need a little more than self-love here. Do you hate your size? Consider whether a diet or exercise regime, could help. Do you dislike your skin? Take time to work out a skin care routine that can improve its condition. If the problem is larger, like a dislike for your nose, find out whether a haircut could change the way you view the problem. Is there a different way you could apply your makeup? Or, you could contact a rhinoplasty surgeon and go down a more permanent route. Decide how much these issues affect your life to know how far you’re willing to go to fix them.


Get the most of your new self-love routine by taking your confident beauty into the world. Hold your head up high, and wear a smile. These steps alone will make you appear beautiful to the world. Take note of differences in the way people treat you. Use the difference as inspiration for continuing on your self-love journey!

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