Ask Away...: Prevent Your Home From Looking Like a Dogs Dinner When You Have Pets!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Prevent Your Home From Looking Like a Dogs Dinner When You Have Pets!

We all love our dogs, they really are members of the family and most of us treat them like furry little children! The problem is, they can be messy. Dogs and a beautiful, pristine home don’t always mix. However, there are things you can do to keep your pooch happy, and prevent your home from looking like a dog’s dinner!


Remove The Carpets
Even dogs that are very well housetrained can have an accident now and again. And if you have a puppy or older dog especially, you might find that battling toilet accidents is a big problem when you have carpet down. Even if you think you’ve cleaned it up well, your dog is likely to go back to the same spot again and again. Over time it can soak the padding underneath, and you will struggle to shift the smell. When you have pets in the home, a hardwearing and easy to clean floor is always your best bet. You could purchase some hardwood floor supplies, put down some ceramic tiles or even vinyl for a slightly cheaper option. Any mess or muddy footprints can be cleaned with some disinfectant and a mop, and it’s sorted within seconds with no smell or stains left behind.

Keep Them Confined To One Room While You’re Out
If you have a dog that likes to scent mark, chew things up or generally make a mess when you’re out of the house- confining them to one room can be useful. If you don’t like the idea of crates which can be a little small, giving them free run of say the kitchen allows them to move around but not get up to mischief! You can leave their bed, food, water and toys and keep them in either with a baby gate or by closing the door. This is also useful if you have a dog that likes to dash out of the door given the chance. When you’re getting in the house with bagfuls of shopping, you know your dog is safe until you’re ready to let them out. Alternatively, you could set a rule where all dogs stay downstairs, and put a stairgate at the bottom to prevent them from sneaking up.

Use a Vacuum Designed For Pet Hair
Fur gets everywhere when you own dogs, especially if you have breeds which blow their coat twice a year or shed a lot. Even if you have hardwearing floors, you’ll still find pet hair embeds itself in rugs and furniture, so a good vacuum cleaner is a must. There are models on the market that are targeted to this, but at the very least make sure yours has the right attachments to make getting it up quick and easy. Using washable blankets and throws on furniture can prevent smells and dog hair from ruining it. Ideally you’ll have gone for easy to clean furniture such as leather sofas.

Use a Dog Waste Disposal In The Garden
Cleaning up after your dog in the garden is never the most fun task for dog owners, but it has to be done. Dog waste disposals are metal bin-like structures that you partially bury under the ground. You can scoop your dog’s waste in and use special chemicals to break everything down. It prevents smelly garden bins, and is a quick and easy way to tackle the situation.

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