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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

Now as you guys know, by reading my previous posts, I am trying to lose weight the right way. That is the slow and steady way, by making gradual changes to my life. Yes, it's pretty tempting to panic and say: I must do something about my weight right now! Then go all out to lose as many pounds as possible, as quickly as possible. But hasty changes like these hardly ever stick for the long term. Having said that making gradual changes has its pitfalls too. So keep on reading for some help in identifying these and working your way around them.


So one thing that can sabotage a gradual weight loss plan is that you get frustrated because you feel like you progress isn't moving quickly enough. This is often rooted in past experiences with diet plans, where you can expect to lose anything up to 6 pounds in the first few weeks. So a pound a week doesn't seem so great in comparison to that.

However, you have to remember that if those plans have not worked for you in the long term, or you wouldn't be in this place now, trying another method. At best they are just a sticking plaster to cover over the problems that are actually causing your weight gain. They only work for a while allowing you to lose some weight temporarily. But they hardly ever work in keeping it off forever, unless you are willing to eat as the plan dictates for the rest of your life.


Yes, I know that we can commit to this when we are all revved up and motivated at the beginning of diet plan. But two weeks in, that slice of pizza starts calling our name, and then everything goes down the tubes!

That is why in my opinion it is actually better to be realistic and gradual with you weight loss and the things you eat. Yes, this might only result in a pound a week loss, but have you ever seen a whole pound of fat? It's actually loads!

Another benefit is that if you lose weight slowly, it's harder to put it back on. This is because the fat cells in your body shrink, so they aren't just waiting there, at their old size, just to be filled right back up again.

So, just temper your frustration that you are not immediately a size 4, by realizing you are making a healthy and conscious change for the long term. As well as getting off that crash dieting roller coaster.



Another issue that can get in the way of your gradual weight loss progress is boredom. As humans, we are programmed to love variety. Just watch any one at a buffet, and you will see what I mean! But we can actually use this to our advantage and stay on our weight loss and exercise plan.


In terms of weight loss, it's very important that you don't get into a routine of eating the same things every day. Not only is this counterproductive nutritionally, but your palate gets bored very quickly. Which makes it much more likely that you will reach for an unhealthy snack instead.

Mix things up by grabbing a list of fruits and vegetables and picking one or two of each that you haven't tried before to have each week.

In terms of exercise, boredom can be a real killer of motivation. That is what it's important that you vary the exercise you are doing. For example, you can find my elliptical and strength training routines on my blog.  Or those folks that prefer a lower impact fat burner, could go for something like a Pilates -Yoga mix know as Piyo? However, do read the Piyo workout reviews before you decide on which program to do. As there are many effective toning and stretching programs out there and some more pricey than others.


Another way of fighting boredom in workouts is to set yourself goals to help keep your motivation up. Then you know that you always have something to strive for.


A common problem that can hurt your gradual weight loss is if you get injured. This is because it interferes with your workout schedule, and it can cause you to binge eat for comfort if that is what you are prone to do.


Of course, it's best to avoid injury if possible by being mindful of your body limits. But if these worst does happen then swift treatment and rehabilitation is the way to go.

You should also speak to your medical professional to see why it is viable for you to keep exercising in a low impact way or whether you need total rest to speed your recovery.

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