Ask Away...: Treat Your Partner To Show Your Love

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Treat Your Partner To Show Your Love

As we are all too aware, February has more romantic connotations than other months because of one special day in the calendar year. Everyone feels more romantically inclined, more loving and for people with partners it is often a time of reflection on how important and essential the relationship is to them. Lots of people choose to go all out when treating their partner and spend heavily on new gadgets, expensive restaurant dates or even a short trip away to help rekindle or continue the romance. In the hospitality trade, especially, businesses make a lot of money throughout February as people are happy to splash out and ensure their date (or other half) has a great evening which they will remember. However, do we really need special days to show and express our love for our partners? Yes, it is important to show our love but it is important to remember to treat your partner whenever you feel like - spontaneity is a great thing.


With this in mind, though, you should not go out and spend lots of money every week on treating your partner. Of course, they will enjoy how generous you are being but it could have a serious detrimental effect on your cash flow. If you were to go out and spend $40 a week on a date, that equates to $160 a month and $1,920 a year. That’s a lot of money, right? Your other half will probably not wanting you spending that amount of money and will be more than happy to spend a romantic, cosy night in with you instead.

Everyone loves being cooked for - so if you want to treat your other half then do some cooking! Remember to think about what sort of food is a favourite dish, and what type of food does not really sit well or agree with your partner. So, for example if your other half really likes poultry-based dishes, and you are thinking of grilling a turkey at home then make sure it has the right seasoning and is cooked thoroughly before serving. Of course, this is the same for any dish, and you should look up potential health risks like salmonella before and during your preparation of the dish to ensure all hazards are eliminated.

Once it is all cooked, you could wipe the dinner table down so it is gleaming and then decorate it with photos of the both of you, some candles and a nice bunch of flowers to add a great smell and some colour to the table. Put on some low level music, dim the lights and put cutlery in place and you have a cheaper alternative to going out to eat - all in the comfort of your own home. You could also put some smart clothes on to impress your other half and you can almost completely guarantee they will be seriously impressed by the amount of effort you have put in to make them feel special. Good luck!

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