Ask Away...: What To Do When The Boiler Breaks Down

Friday, February 17, 2017

What To Do When The Boiler Breaks Down

If you are a tenant, having a boiler break down is more of an annoyance than anything to truly panic about. Going without hot water and heating for a couple of days while your landlord sorts out a plumber and boiler service repair company is doable; it just takes lots of kettles of hot water to bathe and wash the dishes!
When you’re a homeowner, a boiler breakdown is a whole other ball game. Not only is it you who has to be the one to call the boiler company, but you have to call the insurance companies and make the relevant claims. Having the right coverage in the first place is very important and this review of Fidelity National will help you with that. When the boiler breaks down, the worry and stress of the expense can be draining. It’s illegal to use an appliance that is not gas safe, and if you think it may be broken the best thing you can do is switch it off until you have someone come and visit to check the boiler.
The first thing to do is check if the boiler is actually broken, or just on the fritz. Sometimes a simple push of the reset button can solve the problem and there are some simple checks that you can do yourself to pinpoint the problem. These checks will help you determine whether you can fix it yourself, or if you need an engineer.

Next, you should double check you’re covered. You can actually be covered for emergency repairs to your boiler under your home buildings policy. This can definitely save you some money in the long run and as you’re the person responsible for your boiler being replaced, your purse will thank you later.

Following all this, calling out the engineer is the next step. Never try and fix a boiler yourself. Beyond the reset button, a boiler repair should only be done by a qualified and reputable company. Not only is it dangerous to try and do it yourself, but you could invalidate your insurance policy. When your engineer comes out, double check that they are Gas Safe-registered so that you have the right person in the home. your insurance can be invalidated if someone who is not registered fixes your boiler as it’s basically the same as you doing it yourself!
Getting your boiler serviced regularly can help you to avoid any of the insurance headaches you could get. Boilers are an expensive part of a home and with the costs of replacement over the thousand mark, you need to be vigilant and treat your boiler with care. The cost of breakdown is a large concern for almost half of all homeowners, and sometimes not having the money set to one side is a big mistake.
Being a homeowner may come with a lot of extra work, but keeping safe and vigilant in your home is crucial to ensuring your home stays standing!

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