Ask Away...: What To Wear To A Wedding- When You're Not The Bride!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

What To Wear To A Wedding- When You're Not The Bride!

One month down in 2017 already, before we know it the spring and summer will be back and wedding season will be upon us again! Weddings are always exciting; there’s something incredibly special about sharing the day with the ones we love, on one of the most important occasions of their life. But it doesn’t mean to say that it’s all plain sailing, and knowing what to wear to a wedding can be tough. There are lots of unwritten rules about what you should and shouldn’t wear, and the last thing you want to do is cause offense. Here are some of the things you could go for and what to avoid.


Good Choice: Cocktail Dress
Avoid: Anything Too Short, Tight or Revealing
Cocktail dresses look glam and sophisticated making them an excellent choice for a wedding. Wear with some heels, a blazer, and some accessories, and you have the perfect outfit that’s suitable for both the day ceremony and the evening reception. Nice cocktail dresses can be expensive and if you have a couple of different weddings you’re invited to the price can mount up. However you can keep spending down by looking in high street stores, places like Forever 21 have a more formal section that’s not too expensive. You could go a step further and use a voucher code like the ones here When you’re wearing a cocktail dress, the fit really is everything. Anything that’s too short, tight or revealing is unsuitable for a wedding so make sure you try it on in advance of the big day. If you’re wearing a cocktail dress that you already own, again trying it on before is advisable. Even a small change in weight can dramatically affect how the outfit looks on.

Good Choice: Maxi Dress
Avoid: Anything Too ‘Bridesmaidy.'
A flowing maxi dress is a perfect choice for a warm spring or summer wedding. They’re elegant and feminine, but still allow you to stay covered up. The only danger with maxi dresses is choosing one which looks too similar to the bridesmaid dresses. If you know the color scheme of the wedding, be sure to avoid selecting a dress in this since this is more than likely the color of the bridesmaid dresses. And of course, avoid white or ivory altogether, or you might end up being mistaken for the bride! Adding some statement jewelry and a fascinator can help set you apart as a wedding guest.

Good Choice: Trousers
Avoid: Anything Too Casual
If you’re just not the kind of woman who wears dresses, you don’t have to make yourself feel uncomfortable by wearing one to a wedding. A pair of trousers is perfectly acceptable, and if this is more ‘you’ then go for it. However, it’s important to keep it smart and chic. Anything casual isn’t considered acceptable for a wedding. Smart trousers, a silk shirt, and heels is one way to go which doesn’t involve skirts or dresses! Sites like have more info on this.

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